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Version: 1.6
by: Wikwocket [More]

ElementalFireTimer 1.6, by Wikwocket ([email protected])

Note: This AddOn is currently retired. Who knows what Blizzard was thinking when they decided to add a 15-minute cooldown transmute, but whatever it was, they've grown out of it. Plus, there is a built-in stopwatch feature in WoW. Therefore, ElementalFireTimer is retired.

This AddOn tells you when your Elemental Fire transmute has cooled down.

No options or slash commands are necessary - just start transmuting and the timer will work!

When the cooldown on the transmute has elapsed, you will get a big notice in the center of the screen, a message in your chat log, and a simple sound effect will play.

Also, in case you are busy when the notice appears, if you do not transmute anything you will get additional notices every 5 minutes, for 20 minutes after the 10 minute notice.

The AddOn will also tell you when your Evergreen Pouch has cooled down, after making Evergreen Herb Casings (since they are also on a 10-minute timer).

This AddOn is designed to give simple reminders. If you are interested in a mod that tracks cooldowns for transmutes and other abilities, for multiple characters and across game sessions, check out the following:
KeepItCool: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=2423
TradeCooldown: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=3036
TransmuteAlert: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=3320

I hope you find this mod useful. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!


Version history:
ElementalFireTimer 1.6 (WoW 2.1.1):
- Updated cooldown for Elemental Fire transmute to be 15 minutes.

ElementalFireTimer 1.5 (WoW 2.0.2):
- Updated embedded timer support to Chronos 2.11, for potential bug fixes.

ElementalFireTimer 1.4 (WoW 2.0.1):
- Updated embedded timer support to Chronos 2.10, for WoW 2.0.1.

ElementalFireTimer 1.3 (WoW 2.0):
- Updated for WoW 2.0.

ElementalFireTimer 1.2 (WoW 1.12):
- Added support for Evergreen Herb Casings (created by Evergreen Pouches), since they are also on a 10-minute timer.
- Removed Timex dependency. EFT now uses an embedded version of Chronos, so Timex is no longer necessary. The embedded version is a small, efficient, self-contained version of Chronos that is included in this AddOn.

ElementalFireTimer 1.1 (WoW 1.10):
- Added additional warnings after the 10 minute warning (suggested by Cele).

ElementalFireTimer 1.0 (WoW 1.9.4):
- Initial release.

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