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Updated:03-19-06 07:56 AM

ItemRack Buff Event Maker

Version: 1.0
by: Gello [More]

Note: This is no longer required for 2.2+ ItemRack. Just create a Buff event and enter a name of a buff.

This small mod will create ItemRack events that depend on a buff existing or not.

To use:

  • Set a key binding in the game menu to Capture Buffs.
  • Then get the buff to proc, trigger or however it gets on you.
  • Then hit the key binding and this mod will capture those buffs.
  • Select the buff and click 'Create'.

Those who don't know how to set a key binding:
  • Hit ESC until the game menu appears.
  • Click Key Bindings
  • Scroll down to ItemRack Event Maker
  • Click the wide red button next to Capture Buffs
  • Choose a key to bind to that action

The events will be in the ItemRack event lists when you next go to that window. There will be no set associated with it and like all generic events it will be available to all characters.

You can delete/disable/remove this mod once your events are created. Once an event is created this mod has nothing further to do with it.

This still works - Bar Mods (or Bank,Bag,Inventory--ItemRack was originally meant to be a bar mod)

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Unread 03-29-07, 02:00 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Claims its incompatible, even after a toc update update plx
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Unread 03-05-07, 07:49 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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still works btw.

just needed a toc update.

couldn't for the life of me figure out how to make ghost wolf buff.
Last edited by lnevo : 03-05-07 at 07:50 PM.
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Unread 12-11-06, 11:05 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Can you make events for when buffs expire?
Like the short duration buffs from Zandalar Hero Charm, Earthstrike, Jom Gabbar, etc? This would be great for autoswitching to a passive trinket when your active trinket is on cooldown.

Swapping trinkets upon activation will cancel the trinket buff before you get a chance to use it...
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