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Updated: 11-01-06 11:27 PM
Updated:11-01-06 11:27 PM


Version: 1.9a
by: Valconeye [More]

Crypt is a function library to ease the creation of macros for advanced functions. It doesnt have many features yet, still a work in progress.

<B>Crypt.Cast(spellname)</B> Example: Crypt.Cast("Demon Armor");
Will cast the highest rank of the spell you have always, no more updating your macros..

<B>Crypt.Cast(spellname,1)</B> Example: Crypt.Cast("Flash Heal",1);
Will cast flash heal on yourself no matter what target you have.

<B>Crypt.PetCast(spellname)</B> Example: Crypt.PetCast("Phase Shift");
Will cast pet spells.

<B>Crypt.PetToggle(spellname)</B> Example: Crypt.PetToggle("Phase Shift");
Will toggle your pets auto-cast features on/off.

<B>Crypt.SelfCast()</B> Example: Crypt.SelfCast();
Will cast the awaiting spell on yourself if you dont already have a target. (heal spells, bandages, etc..)

<B>Crypt.UseItem(itemname)</B> Example: Crypt.UseItem("Insignia of the Horde");
Will use items for your bag, and your what your character is wearing. (thanks braway)

<B>Crypt.HasCooldown(name)</B> Example: Crypt.HasCooldown("Insignia of the Horde");
This will return true if there is a cooldown for spells, bag items, inventory items, and pet spells. Will return false if no cooldown.

<B>Crypt.InRange(spell)</B> Example: Crypt.InRange("Polymorph");
This will return true if Polymorph is in range of the current target. A spell you are checking range for MUST be on your action bar somewhere.

<B>Crypt.IsUsable(spell)</B> Example: Crypt.IsUsable("Polymorph");
This will return true if Polymorph has enough mana, Also works for things like riposte. A spell you are checking isusable for MUST be on your action bar somewhere.

<B>Crypt.CheckThenCast(spell)</B> Example: Crypt.CheckThenCast("Polymorph");
This will check if you have enough mana, check to make sure there is no cooldown, and check if you are in ranage, then cast.

Still adding features, if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to post them.

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