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Version: 0.51
by: Elayneff [More]

New features (v0.51)

  • Now uses WoW2.0 Events.
  • Range Check (automatic and forced one-time checks). (Has a potential bug: Unable to figure out, but occassionally creates an error. It will try to auto-disable instead of spamming errors, but may have to be manually disabled or UI reloaded.)
  • Now binds to multiple mods! (Option is found under "Button Options" frame.)
    • CT_RaidAssist
    • sRaidFrames (oRA)
    • ag_UnitFrames
    • Stand Alone (no mods, just a 5-column, 8-row set of buttons)
  • Works for 5-man groups! Small, moveable frame rests to the left of the "player" buff button (yours).
  • Checking for unit having buff should be slightly more efficient.
  • Changed Button Scale option to a slide-controlled option.
  • Added a Key Binding to automatically shift to another Paladin's blessing assignment (Useful in case someone disconnects). Note: Buttons will not be changed in combat! They will automatically be updated when combat is ended.
  • New Tooltips for most things. Yay!
  • Added Shaman (I know, January, but there you have it)!
  • Added a button to "Set All Classes" to the Class Buffs UI. (Simple is good!)
  • Added a UI for "Missing Blessings" accessible via a button on the main menu.
  • Assignment UI has been redone, includes a "BC" button beside each name to silently broadcast that person's blessings, and the number in parentheses on the button is now how many classes, instead of number of people.
  • Fixed mod to remain disabled when using a character other than Paladin, Druid, Priest, and Mage. (Sorry, future Shaman, I'll figure something out for rezzes later.) Most events have been disabled, so the only thing running on other classes will be the Options UI.

  • Does not always place buttons by the correct person's raid frame. Usually will at least get it within the right group #, but sometimes not the right person. Still working on it. :\
  • Doesn't work with raid frames sorted by Class, currently. In progress.

/rr or /raidrezzer
/rr or /rr showui - Shows the UI Options Menu.
/rr h or /rr help - Shows help info in chat window.
/rr version - Displays current version number.
/rr setup RaidID Buff Texture or /rr setclass Class Buff Texture - Preferable use of UI instead - Sets blessing/buff for use on buttons.
/rr changeclass Class Buff Texture - Sets default blessing/buff for specified class.
/rr hideclass Class - Preferable use of UI instead - Hides buttons for specified class.
/rr hidebuttons - Hides all buttons.
/rr setbuttons - Repositions buttons over CTRA windows, shouldn't be needed unless buttons' relative position is changed.
/rr enable or /rr disable - Enables and Disables the mod, can also be done via a button on the UI.
/rr resetdefault - Resets default options.

- Allows you to specify a blessing/buff for each class or individuals in the raid and positions a button relative to each person's CTRA window. Upon clicking the button, the mod casts the specified blessing on the person.
- Buff detection - Detects for the buff each person is supposed to receive and shows/hides buttons based on whether or not they have the buff.
- Target Last Target - Target previous target after casting buff. Also, toggleable through UI, if previously attacking, will optionally enable attack again.
- Accuracy Check--Mod now checks that the Blessing will be targetting the correct person before casting. No more Wisdom for the Warriors and Rogues!
- New Tooltips?! Changed the mouseover tooltip for the blessing cast to show Spell Name, Target's Name, Target's Class, Target's Group Number, and if not in the same zone as you, Target's Zone (ie, Ironforge, Molten Core, etc.)
- A slider for repositioning buttons similar to how the Sheep Icon is moved around has been added instead of OffsetX and OffsetY text fields. Limit is -150 to 150, increments by 5. (v0.32)

- A mini-map button with customizable position can be used to either show the UI (left click) or issue a /rr setbuttons command (right click). It can also be hidden via the menu.
- The Sheep Icon Tooltip will now contain a Reagent Counter for Paladins. I may change it later to include other class reagents if the requests are made. The new tooltip will show at the bottom of the tooltip 'Symbols: 000' and will be color coded. Less than 50 Symbol of Kings will make this text appear in Red. Between 51 and 150, it will appear Yellow. Anything above 150 will appear in White (for easier reading). (v0.32)

- Right Click Rez - When you right click the CTRA window of someone that is DEAD (Not released!) the mod will attempt to cast your rez spell (highest known rank, works for Paladins, Priests, Druids, and Shaman).
- Optionally announces rez spell casts (only via the right clicking of CTRA) to a configured channel: raid, party, guild, officer, say, tells (in format of /t Username - ie. /t Elayneff), chat channel (in format of /c Channelname - ie. /c TinCanHealers). Announcement will only fire when spell is actually being cast (Out of Range, etc. will not announce).
- Used CT_RaidAssist localization data to allow Right Click Rez in FR & DE (theroetically, no way to test).

Raid Blessing Assignments (Leaders):
- Retrieves version of Paladins within raids and displays the data. Useful for determining if the receiving version will even respond, or is capable of some features.
- Retrieves Paladin Talent information from others within raid. Relies on other Paladins having a compatible version. Retrieves talents related to Blessings only in order to display what blessings each has improved--assists in setting up blessings for the raid.
- Sets up blessings for the raid, via a series of check boxes. Dims checkboxes of blessings that have already been assigned to another Paladin, and checks that no class is given more than one blessing per Paladin.
- Broadcasts blessing assignments for the raid--Displays in a human readable format for those without a mod capable of receiving the data, as well as being interpreted by receiving mods (see later section). Added a (currently) 5 second delay between broadcast messages.
- Blessing Count! - The Assignment UI now tallies how many people are currently assigned to each Paladin. The tally is done when you change to assign to another Paladin or when you Broadcast assignments. The number of people to be blessed is displayed on the Paladin's button in parentheses such as 'Elayneff (25)'.
- Blessing Accept/Decline messages may now be viewed by everyone (optionally). Defaults to OFF. If you would like to see a message in the chat window when everyone accepts or declines, turn the function on. (Also informs whose assignment was accepted.)
- Changed Tooltip in assignment UI to show new spell ranks from AQ for Blessings. Nothing has changed for anyone without the new ranks. (v0.31)

Raid Blessing Assignments (Raiders / Non-Leaders):
- Accepts and responds to requests for current version number and Paladin Talent Information (ignores Talent Request for other classes) (silent, via CTRA channel).
- Receives Blessing Assignments from leader (via /raid or channel), then pops a box to ask the user to accept or decline the blessings. Sends the accept/decline response back to the leader (silent, through CTRA channel).
- Receiving Blessings. Allows (optionally) to monitor all chat channels for Blessing Assignment. (Default is OFF)

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Smile Re: Individual Buffs

Originally posted by lwkd
Couldn't play without this addon, absolutely fantastic.
Are there any plans to add an individual buff option, so players of the same class can have different buffs?

Whoops, should of checked for a newer version before commenting. You've already done exactly what i asked for


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Thumbs up Individual Buffs

Couldn't play without this addon, absolutely fantastic.
Are there any plans to add an individual buff option, so players of the same class can have different buffs?

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