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Version: 0.1
by: Xolan [More]

Updates are stalled untill I'm satisfied with Xolpass.
Bug reports and feature requests should be done at my portal. You can also see my "todo's" for this and other mods there.

NeverForget is a mod made solely for the purpose of assigning targets or duties to healers.

For every healer there's a slider which you can use to assign that healer a target or duty, which you can either send as a list to the chat, or publish in a window for others with the mod.

The edit box will only accept channels like SAY, GUILD, RAID, OFFICER etc, but you can also use a channel number. If you for example have a healerchan set up on channel 5 you can type 5 in the box and hit "SendToChat".

Targetlist will only appear when changing the targets with the sliders to save space. You can also minimize the mod by clicking the top right button.

Use /neverforget or /nf to toggle the visibility of the entire mod on/off.
Note: Has not been localized yet, only tested with enGB/enUS clients.

----------: ChangeNotes :----------

  • Release!
  • Added wow2.0.3 support

----------: Credits :----------
  • Everyone who helped me at #wowi-lounge
  • The guy I know only as "Steve" for giving me a soft introduction to the XML framework.
  • Kazuum for pre-release testing.

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Colorcode names based on class
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