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Pastmaster Library

Version: 01.02.00.R
by: Garland [More]

Pastmaster is a throwaway library of things I liked about Ace1, things that I'd like to see shared in Ace2 and things I'll be using in my own upcoming Ace2 mods. It contains a number of utils that used to exist in Ace1 internally and as many as I could find of the helpful utils included in Util files with many Ace1 mods. This library doesn't have any documentation yet but I'm planning on it, I've uploaded this because there are some who may want it and to make the lives easier of those who disembed mods (specifically my future mods).

For anyone who created a mod for Ace1 there's really nothing new or interesting here and it's little more than a compilation but it's little things I'm happy to see shared around again, these were helpful little utils.


01.02.00.R: Updated the buffcheck function, added weapon buff finding capability and generally just made it more resilient against failiure.

01.01.00.R: Brought this up to release since I haven't had any problems with it yet. Also included an aura scanning utility that was once in Visor and a few other things. For those curious, this is the version of Pastmaster I have in my TotemRange mod.

01.00.00.B: First release. A description of my release codes can be found in a text file included with the mod.

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