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Updated: 03-19-07 02:25 PM
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Updated:03-19-07 02:25 PM


Version: 20003.6
by: mulesh [More]

== About ==

This will allow you to sync all your character's friends list on a per-realm basis.

== Usage ==

Friends list is automaticly saved when you log in.
New names are automaticly added when you add them to your friends list.
A "Sync" button has been added to the Friends List.
Pressing the "Sync" button will match your friends list with your other characters.
SlashCommands: /friendmnider or /fm
* sync - will match your friends list with your other characters
* delete <name> - will delete a friend from your datafile

You must log in at least once with each character so the addon can build your datafile.

== Notes ==

This addon uses the Ace2 libraries. All required libs are embeded.

== Installation ==

# Open the archive with your favorite archive program (winzip, winrar).
# Extract the contents to WorldofWarcraft\Interface\Addons folder.

== Changes ==

*Fixed sync (agian) - shouldnt spam anymore
*Fixed delete command

*sync fixed - will sync more than one friend
*delete command will no longer cause spam
*datafile is now realm specific
(Thanks for spotting these Vulcanus)

*added slash commands /fm (sync | delete)

* Initial release

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Future of Friendminder

I wont be adding any new features to this addon. If I have time I'll keep it updated but no promises. AuldLangSyne now does syncing as well and I am using that now.
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