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WDN SyntaxHighlight

Version: 20100.1
by: Beladona [More]

WDN Syntax Highlight
This is simply a Dreamweaver extension that adds support for Lua file type and code colors. By installing this addon you are adding the ability to have your addon files color coded. This means code within Lua and XML files (between <Script> and <On*> handlers) will be highlighted based on Lua 5.1 and World of Warcraft Functions. This is actually a re-release of an old plugin I had created when I first started making addons for WOW, and had since discontinued in favor of other editors. I have gotten private messages and emails asking where it was and if they could have the last version I had made, so I decided to go ahead and release it again.

This version is improved over previous iterations in that it now handles comments correctly. End of line comments and block comments are both treated separately now and should color code themselves correctly. I have also updated the API codes to the latest 20100 build.
Features Coming Soon.

I am currently working on adding default frames and secure objects to the list of color coded items so that you will easily know what Namespace objects are taken, and what Secure objects to watch out for. The functionality is already there as can be seen with UIParent which gets colored a blue/green color. If you type in SecureFrame, SecureFunction, or SecureObject right now they will also highlight in red with a light red background so as to warn you they are secure (but they arne't really, this is for testing)

Once I complete the above I have Code Hints that should be making their way in. These will give you little auto-complete dropdowns for all current API functions and keywords.

I do not actually use Dreamweaver for designing addons. It works wonders for web design and other programming needs, but I use Notepad++ with a custom language file that I created for the purpose of Addon development. For this reason I may or may not try to make this plugin overly feature-full. If you see a feature you WISH it had, please reply with a comment describing the feature you want. I will try to incorporate ideas as much as I can time permitting.

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A Murloc Raider

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Thanks alot for rereleasing this!
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