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Shadow Hud (fan update)

Version: .1
by: Xinh [More]

This AddOn is dead and will not be updated.

If you want the "Shadow HUD" look, then download the mod, yank out the textures and use them in the HUD of your choice. AddOns like DaHUD and other that support custom textures will work well with the textures. Thanks to those who used this AddOn in the past

ShadowHud (Fan Update) v.01

This is merely a quick and dirty replacement of textures so that users of ShadowHud can continue to use it. This was done in response to requests on the forums for an update for ShadowHud. Currently the author has stated there will be no updates for ShadowUI in the near future:

So - I'll be gone for a while. I'll still poke my nose in here and offer help when I can, but there will be no new releases of Shadow UI anytime soon.
I have decided to do a quick and dirty hack job so ShadowHud can be used with 2.2 without throwing a fit. Should there be sufficient interest, I may continue the maintenance and update of this mod. Currently the textures work, however there are some issues such as Combo Point placement. The font will be default game font (depending on what you have installed as the game font). If you wish to use the ShadowUI colors, you will have set them yourself.

This mod will be seen as MetaHud in your AddOns menu as it is merely a texture replacement at this time. The download will be titled MetaHud_Shadow. If I do fully take over this mod, then the ShadowHud name will be used in future.

/metahud menu to bring up the MetaHud menu.

This mod is based on MetaHud 20200-1. Author: MetaHawk aka Urshurak.
Textures from ShadowHud. Author: Giddeaon

I do not claim any ownship of the code and texture contained in this WoW AddON, I merely brought the two together. Please leave any comments here.

Xinh, Bronzebeard EU.

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Unread 12-28-07, 06:13 AM  
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Hello Mate. really nice job with the Fan update.

I got one question though, Is it possible to change the looks of the Target of Target Frame to

1. Align it to the HUD i.e. like the Pet on the player frame. is that possible cause atm it looks like shit with that bar in the middle, and it feels kinda wasted to have another unit frame addon, just for that.
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Unread 09-28-07, 12:03 PM  
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As I stated in the mod description, this a merely a texture replacement for MetaHud, so the mod will work however there some cosmetic issues such as alignment of the Combo Points and the font. Once I have a chance to really pore over the code, I will fix the cosmetic issues. However that will take a couple of days. Should the author of ShadowHud come back and begin to update again, then I will remove this version.
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