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LinkBot  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.0.6
by: Saeris [More]

This addon automatically responds to chat-based requests for links. This is the successor to the
AutoLinkBot portion of Saeris's LootLink (but it has no connection to the other successors of that addon,
LinksList and QuickChatlink). The addon has support for five link types: abilities, items, quests, talents,
and tradeskills. If you wish to remove support for a link type (for instance, if you never use it and want to
conserve memory or improve initial login time), simply delete or rename the folder corresponding to that
link type in the Sections subdirectory.

The format for placing a request is as follows:

<mode><prefix> <search text>
<mode> can be "!", to receive up to ten matching item links whispered to you, or ">", to receive
a single matching item link in the chat channel from which the request was placed.
<prefix> is a simple string to specify which type of links should be returned. These include:
"link" - Any type of links.
"linkability", "linkspell" - Ability links.
"item", "linkitem" - Item links.
"linkquest" - Quest links.
"linktalent" - Talent links.
"linkts", "linktrade" - Tradeskill links.
<search text> is the text that's part of the name of the link you want to see, as well as any
options/filters to apply to the search. Potential options/filters are as follows:
"case" - Indicates that the search should be cAsE sensitive.
"reg" - Indicates that regular expressions should be allowed during the name-based search.
"r:#" - For item links, indicates the numeric rarity to match. # can be 0 (grey, trash) to 7
(tan, heirloom). If omitted, all rarities will be included. This can be a range (such as "2-6"),
or multiple rarities (such as "3,5,6"), but if it is either of these then it cannot contain spaces.
"minLev:#" - For quest links, indicates the minimum level to match.
"maxLev:#" - For quest links, indicates the maximum level to match.
"ts:<tradeskill type>" - For tradeskill links, indicates that only tradeskills of <tradeskill type>
should be included, where <tradeskill type> is just the first three letters of the name of
the tradeskill (for example, "eng" for engineering).
These options must appear at the beginning of the search text if they are included at all, and
must be contained between arrows (<>). Multiple options should be delimited by a comma or

>link test
This request will return the first link which is found to have "test" in its name. No options are
used in this request, so the search can match any case variation of "test" and will not use
regular expressions.
>link <reg> .+ $
This request makes use of a regular expression to return the first link whose name ends with
a space.
!link <case> test
This request will return up to ten links which have the word "test" (case-sensitive) in their names.
>link <case,reg> ^Test
This request will return the first link which starts its name with the word "Test" (case sensitive).
!linkitem <r:4> pants
This request will return up to ten items from the database which are found to be of rarity level
4 (epic) and have the word "pants" (non-case-sensitive) in their name.
>linkitem <r:0,1,2,4>
This request will return the first item in the database which has a rarity of either 0, 1, 2, or 4.
There is no name-search text, but the option-denoting arrows (<>) must still appear.
!linkquest <minLev:-1 maxLev:-1> call to arms
This request will return up to ten quest links which are found to be level -1 (which means "always
equal to player level") and contain the text "call to arms". This should match all of the battleground
daily quests.
>linkquest <minLev:60 maxLev:69>
This request will return the first link in the database which has a level of 60-69. There is no
name-search text, but the option-denoting arrows (<>) must still appear.
!linkts <ts:enc> health
This request uses the "ts:enc" option find up to ten tradeskills from the database which
belong to the Enchanting tradeskill, and contain the text "health" somewhere thereafter.

The addon can be configured via "/linkbot" slash commands. Options include setting up bans on
certain players if they are abusing the addon; setting which chat channels are monitored for
requests; and toggling whether to show outbound whispers (containing requested links) sent
by the addon.

For support, contact, or license information, please view my author portal's main page.

2.0.6 (Mar 2, 2009):
- Updated to a newer version of TalentLinksDB1 library, which fixes an issue wherein Lua patterns
with a $ anchor token would not return the right results.

2.0.5 (Jan 29, 2009):
- An error could occur at login if using saved variables from before WotLK.

2.0.4 (Jan 17, 2009):
- Now uses newer versions of the links databases, which use fewer resources.
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Unread 01-02-09, 07:28 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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I've deleted my older version of LinkBot, and installed the latest version. In game however, it doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. When I try to adjust options, no go either. I get an error when I try to change the 'watch' options.

Interface\AddOns\LinkBot\LinkBot_Config.lua:139: attempt to index local 'watched' (a nil value)

Any suggestions?
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Unread 06-08-08, 05:40 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Looking for modern version of old Lootlink functionality

I was wondering if something similar to the old Saeris' Lootlink method of typing:
/ll s Vengeful Gladiator's Chain
still existed? The closest I've found with LinkBot is this:
/t myself !link Vengeful Gladiator's Chain
which would then spam myself with tells with the links. The old way would just display them into the default chat frame without messing with my private tells. Any suggestions?
Last edited by fuulish : 06-08-08 at 05:40 PM.
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Unread 05-09-08, 10:29 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Is there a way to do tooltip searches?

What I'd like to do is for example search for all gems that have "spell haste" in their tooltips. It's impossible to get a quick list of them since they all have different names. But searching their tooltips would return them all!

Is this possible?

Edit: maybe add a !linkgem command / LinkBot_GemDB_Links?
Last edited by Tyrrael : 05-09-08 at 10:37 AM.
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