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Version: r9
by: Mahiro [More]

WFCDT (Windfury Cooldown Timer)
this addon mesures the time between Windfury procs
and displays a bar depending on the shortest time you got between your procs.

i read some forum post today that the cooldown is less then 3seconds
so i decided to write this little addon to mesure the time between procs.

i have not tested it so if you encounter any problems let me know.

the timer starts on the first wf hit.
im not sure if it would be better to start the timer on the 2nd hit
and stop it on the next first hit.
the time between the 1st and 2nd hit is probably so short
that it doesent matter.

/wfcdt reset - reset values
/wfcdt lock - lock frame
/wfcdt info - show/hide details
/wfcdt center - reset frame position

fixed issue which caused wf spikes from other enchants
new bar coloring function
added frostbrand, flammethongue and lighning shield to graph output (all frost and flame procs are counted to offhand for now)
increased max graph bars
fixed last WF value

fixed: missing value in SetPoint
rewrote windfury counter
fixed frame position after reloading ui

* fixed: event handlers

* changed: combat log parsing to make it compatible with 3.0
* changed: combat log parsing for main- offhand seperation
* changed: graph and bar frame seperated
* changed: limited the graph bars to 5-40
* changed: color of the record text (we need blue for the frostbrand enchant)
* added: output for overall wf damage
* added: graph frame and bar creator
* added: new options (dmg/record, oh count/mh count)
* added: frames are now clamped to screen
* added: bar texture to make graph recoloring easier
* added: option to change max bars
* added: option to show/hide the graph
* added: the new options to the reset function
* added: textstrings will be colored
* fixed: added offhand wf spellid (was the reason for missing wf procs)
* fixed: problem when reducing the graph bars and there were more bars then the maximum
* fixed: problem when increasing the max graph bars after bars have been decreased
* removed: localization (this is not needed with the new combat log system)

* added: unit name check to stop catching others wf procs (needs testing)

* changed: toc version to 20400
* changed: combat log parsing updated to 2.4, thanks to Regaenei (Ysera EU)

* added: console commands for all options
* added: console command to reset frame position

* changed: font adjusted
* changed: bar offset adjusted
* fixed: output should be correctly updated if wf procs
* fixed: weapon speed will now update on new record and not on every proc

* fixed: locking the frame will no longer reset the position on reload
* added: button to lock/unlock the frame

* added: when a new wfcd record is made the weapon speed will be displayed
* added: button to show/hide detail informations
* added: reset button
* changed: if details are hidden the record and weapon speeds are displayed on the time bar

* fixed: nil error
* fixed: parser

* changed: update function
* added: time format
* added: bar for best time
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this version does not require any spell localization anymore and should catch every proc you get.
i also added a graph display, at the moment it displays how much dmg each proc made. i will add some more graph settings later, this one is to compare mainhand vs offhand proc/dmg.

i also planing on adding frostbrand and flamethongue to the check but since i cant say if its main or offhand with this spells i have to test some things before i release that part.

hope it works and you like it hf
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