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Version: 002
by: Kremonte [More]

Easy modification of item links, with everything streamlined

Linkeur is, basically, a really super-easy and fast way to modify any item link within the bounds of what WoW will let you do. With a full parsing of SpellItemEnchantment.dbc built-in (that's the file that contains all Item Enchants, gems, etc.) and multiple output options, it really demystifies the whole "wtf was that thing some guy linked in trade" situation.

Having been messing with item links since around 1.6, the whole thing is very simple to me... however, as an end-user, it's probably a little confusing. I've tried to make the GUI as idiot-proof as possible, but some things still need describing. I've not yet made an in-game help for it; I may, in time, but for now, there's just some basic things all users should know.

"What are all these fields?"
The fields are the raw parts of an item link that you can modify. I'll break it down:
  1. ID: this is the item ID. You put in the ID of an item, and Linkeur will automatically update the color and name fields - these are the "unchangeables." To find an item's ID, go to it's page on your favorite WoW search engine, and it's that id number in the URL.
  2. Color: This is not really changeable. An item's linkable color is tied to it's in-game data; if you try to link something, but the color is wrong, you will only say the item's name, unlinked.
  3. P. Enchant: This is the item's permanent enchant slot. If you click on the arrows, a list will open - all of these IDs are the available options. P. Enchants show up as green on a tooltip.
  4. Gems 1-3: These are where WoW puts socketed gems in links. The stats will show up as white, no matter what you put in it; this is good for fooling people, if you add a raw stat to an item.
  5. T. Enchant: Like the permanent enchant, temporary enchants show up in green.
  6. Text: The raw input of the item's name. This is an unchangeable, except for one condition: you can use the item's proper name from other locales. This means, if you can find an item's name in, say, German, you can link it with the German name on the US servers.

I apologize, I've been going on a bit much about overly-technical things.

Things to know
  • /l or /linkeur will open the menu. /l [Item Link] will open Linkeur with everything from that link filled in already, including enchants/gems.
  • The "R" button prints the item link in raw text.
  • Shift-clicking the "R" button will bring up a textbox, highlighted so you can copy and paste a script with the link. This is good for sharing your baloney items with people on forums, etc. Hit Enter to close the textbox.
  • In the huge list of Item Enchants, the entries are color coded : Blue means it is a gem (and has an icon on a link), Yellow means it has a glow or effect (only applicable if you put it in P. or T. Enchant), and green is everything else.

Any questions? Enjoy - but don't abuse it too much, I don't want to have to go and find more ways to mess up links!

Currently, if you change the name of a link, WoW won't let you link it into the chat frame. I'm trying to find which function is hijacking the link names (which is affecting more than illegitimate links; it's affecting random [of the ___] items as well), and hooking to it to stop.

Updated enchant list for 2.4.3
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Thumbs up Re: so give us examples

Was just thinking of doing the same thing myself. Will try this out now.
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so give us examples

while this looks quiet cool, what do you use it for? what extra info does it give?
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