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Version: 1.4.2
by: Saeris [More]


This embeddable addon is a library that allows for slash command management. It is intended for use by developers to do three things: increase efficiency by sharing a single slash command management architecture; increase ease of development by handling most of the feedback and parsing needed; and increase the ease with which users can learn the slash commands by making a common format and layout standard across multiple addons.

Addon Type Information

Addon type: Library
Libraries used:

See the readme file in this addon's folder, or my author portal, for an explanation of the addon type system used.


If you found a bug in this addon, want to provide feedback, want to help translate it, or even just want to ask a question, please contact me using one of these methods:

Email address: [email protected]
ICQ number: 119161819
AIM screenname: SaerisSanoora
Penny Arcade forums name: Saeris

If you use any other method, it might take me significantly longer to see your message and reply.

If you wish to support my efforts, you can donate via PayPal by clicking this button:

History of Changes

See the readme file in this addon's folder, or my author portal, for an explanation of the versioning system used.

1.4.2 (Apr 14, 2008):

  • Changed the behaviour of non-option-based subcommand handlers with no statusText to avoid using the default GENERIC_STATUS string. Previously they did, and the contents of that string only refer to option-based subcommands, so it made no contextual sense.

1.4.1 (Apr 11, 2008):
  • Changed "status" specifier to "+status" to avoid collisions with client subcommands.

1.4.0 (Mar 28, 2008):
  • Added support for setting a handlerObj for each subcommand handler. If present, this will be used instead of the command-wide handlerObj.

  • Added support for omitting the inverted status argument on option-type subcommands, by means of the "noStatusInversion" subcommand handler property.

  • Added support for new "extraGetStartArg", "extraGetStartArgs", "extraGetEndArg", "extraGetEndArgs", "extraSetStartArg", "extraSetStartArgs", "extraSetEndArg", and "extraSetEndArgs" subcommand handler properties.

  • Cleaned up argument dispatch code for efficiency.

1.3.0 (Mar 9, 2008):
  • Added support for new "extraStartArg", "extraStartArgs", "extraEndArg", and "extraEndArgs" subcommand handler properties.

  • Miscellaneous code style updates.

1.2.1 (Jan 17, 2008):
  • If there is no custom error text associated with a subcommand when it encounters an error, then the actual error text will be used instead.

  • Once-only subcommands will now simply mark themselves as having already fired and produce an appropriate feedback message when triggered again instead of just deleting themselves outright.

1.2.0 (Jan 16, 2008):
  • Added new developer option: onceOnly. If true, the subcommand will delete itself after being triggered once.

1.1.0 (Dec 2, 2007):
  • Now supports multiple arguments per subcommand. Check the updated documentation. This change is backwards compatible.

1.0.1 (Nov 27, 2007):
  • Now properly takes over clients from earlier versions when upgrading in-place during load.

1.0.0 (Nov 13, 2007):
  • Initial release.

See the readme file in this addon's folder for earlier changes.

Developer Notes

See readme file included in the directory.

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