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Back Seat Quester

Version: v0.7-20400
by: Iriel [More]

The Back Seat Quester is a quest status sharing addon for use with guilds or parties who are collaborating on the same quests. This is a BETA build and isn't necessarily perfect, but it's pretty functional and seems to work 8-)

Some quick FAQ's:

Q: How do I use it?
A: Install it, then you can do /bsq show to open the window.

Q: Do other people also need to install it?
A: Yes, you wont see someone's status if they dont have it installed.

Q: Do I have to do anything else?
A: If your party is using the addon, then probably not.

Other slash commands that might prove useful:

/bsq add <name>
/bsq unadd <name>

Add additional people to the list (or remove them) - great for ungrouped guildies.

/bsq ignore <name>
/bsq unignore <name>

Block people from the list (or unblock them) - great for party members who dont have the AddOn.

/bsq query

Send out a 'ping' to see who you're grouped/guilded with who has it installed.

/bsq query <name>

Request a 'resync' from name, good if you had wierd connection problems or think your quests are out of sync. (For example, if you convince someone

(And yes, I know I released this on or near April 1st, it's only because I was awake finishing it off, this is a real addon)

v0.7 - Fixed a lua error which occurred when quests were completed.
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