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Updated: 04-30-08 11:08 AM
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Updated:04-30-08 11:08 AM

beBufff  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0001
by: Infineon [More]

beBufff is an simple addon that keeps you informed about your buffs.

There are 3 things that it can do for you:

  • Track Selected Buff Gains
  • Track Selected Buff Fades
  • Track Weapon Enchant Fades

The configuration needs to be done via LUA editing of the "core.lua" file!
Buff Gains / Fades:
There are 2 Arrays for Gain, and 2 for Fade, where one is for a Sound that is played on Event and the other is for a chat message.

Weapon Enchant Fade:
These are three simple variables. 2 to activate or deactivate sound and / or text message on fade, and the third is the sound file that is played.
For any ideas, help or error reports thanks in advance!


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