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Version: 1.01
by: ThePooBurner [More]

There have been a few tank mod requests on the forums lately, including by me, so i figured i would write a little something to fill that need. All this does is create 4 frames that show the Target of Target for your party members. Ideally this means you should see you in all 4 frames while tanking. If their target does not have a target it will simply show the party members target.

Clicking on the frame will target the mob that your party member is targeting. IE: party1 is targeting Mob1, and Mob1 is targeting party2. The frame next to party1 would how party2's portrait and name. Clicking on the frame will target Mob1. Made it that way so that if you see a retarded mage has pulled agro you can (depending on your mood) click the frame to target the mob and quickly taunt it back to you. It can be to hard sometimes to click the right mob when there is a lot of trash on the screen or they are close together. This is to help with that.

This mod really exists to help those just starting to tank to save the healer and become better tanks.

As an added bonus there is an option to specify which party member is the healer and turn on a warning message that alerts you when they pull agro, just incase you like that extra notice.

/kast - Display the commands.
/kast toggle [on|off] - Turns the mod on or off.
/kast healer [on|off|party[#](1-4)] Turns the healer warning on or off. Also used to specify which party member is the healer. eg: /kast healer party2
/kast info - Display the current setting to the chat frame.

Very light in both CPU and memory. Only 15K loaded!

v1.01 - Small error found in the healer check function that caused endless spam.
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