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Updated: 07-19-08 07:50 AM
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Updated:07-19-08 07:50 AM


Version: 1.1
by: dafire [More]

DaFire's NRT Reminder

My guild requires everyone on the waitlist to whisper the mains name to the raidleader to get dkp on the waitlist.

This addon simply watches the guild chat for a Line beginning with "NRT" and plays a mp3 when the text is found. So you don't need to watch the guildchat but can surf the web or cook something while your guild is whiping

(You should enable "Sound in Background" in the sound menu so you can hear the mp3 when you alt-tab to other applications)

The addon is really simple and could get modified to look for other words quite simple.

I use an other mp3 to celebrate our kills, but included a example that is in the public domain

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