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Version: 2.0
by: Notrachel [More]

zsDKP is an add-on that provides in-game support for users of zsDKP. Specifically it does the following:

-- When an item is being looted, typing "need [itemlink]" in /ra will report your current DKP (see picture).

-- In addition the first time an item is needed the mod will report the price of the item to /ra.

-- DKP reports also include the current 6 week attendance for the players needing on an item.

-- E.g. in the picture on the right, Fingers has needed on the T6 gloves. He has 95% 6wk% and -27.05DKP.

-- zsDKP will insert DKP prices into tooltips for items in the zsDKP loot table. It will also show a player's current DKP and 6 week attendance in that player's tooltip.

-- Raid members can whisper a DKP officer with "getdkp" to get their current DKP (See picture).

*** Note *** You need the zsDKP DKP application for this mod to be of use.


zsDKP is an offline DKP admin tool. It takes data logged in CT_RaidTracker (and its variants) and with minimal effort generates a complete website. For example see here. zsDKP requires no complicated hosting, knowledge of php, etc. and the website uses only static HTML and can be simply hosted on that free space your ISP gives you. It's designed for people for who a spreadsheet was not good enough and EQDkp looked like a lot of work for a so-so result.

zsDKP has a plug-in architecure that allows numerous DKP agorithms to be implemented. Currently it supports a modifed from of Zero Sum with the following features:

-- Classic zero sum but the sum is balanced weekly so progression and farm content are equally rewarded.

-- Flexible pricing system with iLevel and “slot mod” based pricing with automatic algorithm based pricing, custom overrides, support for retrospective price changes, off-spec pricing, etc. etc.

-- Support for retrospective price changes (Optional)

-- Natural decay model via a hard DKP “cap” and “floor” to minimise loot rot and prevent long term wealth gaps between established high attendance members and relatively recent joiners.

-- Supports alts, re-rolls and renaming. Even supports re-rolled alts who change their name (Damn you Earthquake! )

-- Flexible data cleanup and edit tools, roster management , auditing, etc.

Raid Import Screen
Raid Edit Screen
Roster Management and Audit

zsDKP has been in long term development for since Molten Core and is currently in closed beta. The intention is for it to be more widely available in Wrath of the Lich King . zsDKP is completely free and non-commercial.

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