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Loot & Reset  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.0
by: Snax [More]

Loot & Reset is a small window that shows you the names of recently entered instances. It allows you to time your runs to make most of the 5 instances per hour that the game allows, before it stops you with the message "You have entered too many instances recently". This is most useful for stealthfarmers that reset instances on a regular basis or people that farm specific low-level instances.

The addon will show you the information over all characters so you can relog at will.

To move the window, hold down SHIFT and drag it with your mouse.

Rightclick anywhere in the window to reset all instances. Reset your instances this way please, else the addon won't work properly.

You can turn the addon off with a CTRL-Leftlick. You can also toggle the addon with the commands /lr on, /lr off.

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This feature is now also part of SavedInstances, a well-maintained addon.
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No comments ??

Great job dude, using it under 3.0, still working and useful, I was looking for such mod that's exactly what you need to know when all your 5 instance slots/hour are freed and available again.
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