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Version: 1.1a
by: NightHawk The Sane [More]

NOTE: As far as I've been able to tell, this works fine in WotLK. If anyone sees any problems, let me know.

This is a simple addon that will switch your currently watched faction to whichever one you just gained reputation with.

There are no slash commands, just install and go.

This can, optionally, switch your watched faction on NEGATIVE reputation change as well as positive. To do this, edit the Factioned.lua file and change line 16:
local trackLoss = false
local trackLoss = true

Obviously, for faction changes (like Scryer/Aldor) where you typically gain reputation with one faction and lose it with another in rapid succession, your watched faction will change rapidly, ending up in the last faction that was changed.

Known Issues:
- If you have any of the headers in the Reputation window collapsed, Factioned will not be able to switch to any of those factions. I may or may not find a way around this in the future. But mostly I only have the "Inactive" header collapsed, and don't care about watching those factions.

- Repack of the zip file to try and fix some issues windows users were experiencing. No code changes.
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Thanks for the fine addon
Works a treat!
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