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Version: 1.4
by: Kith [More]

Familiar is an Ace3 helper mod for Warlocks (primarily raiding warlocks, but it has uses for party and even a little for solo as well). Its primary function is to track the soulstone status of all Warlocks in the raid showing who they are on and times remaining. Additional functions include curse assignments and tracking of shards and healthstones between the raid locks.

Caveat: For the majority of features to perform, this mod is required by all Warlocks in the current raid, only curse assignments will function without this being the case; but then all Locks need the mod to see the GUI anyhow!

Full Feature List:

- Soulstone Tracking: Shown as the main part of the GUI (shown in screenshot), each Warlock in the raid is given an entry and their soulstone status shown with a timer if applicable. In addition, the command '/ktf ss' can be used to broadcast to the raid an overall soulstone status for all Locks in the raid (such as how many available, or if none, when the next will be).
- Tracking Info: A mouseover tooltip for each Warlock will always show an updated tally of their shard count as well as reference as to which talented Healthstone they have and the text description of their current curse (see below).
- Curse Assignments: Allows a preselected chat channel (not raid/party/guild) to be set for announcing curse assignments for all the raiding Warlocks; assignments can be set by cycling through (via right-click) the curse on each Warlock in the GUI as well as a 'random' assignment function if you don't care who ends up doing the main curses (order is always CoE->CoR->Free Choice for random).

Command List (use /ktf to access command list):
- lock - Lock movement of GUI window
- config - Opens main configuration dialog (using Blizzard's config window via Ace)
- versioncheck - Does exactly what it says!
- curse - Broadcast chosen curse assignments to preselected channel
- cursesilent - Send an update to other clients with no announcement
- curserandom - As with 'curse' but assignments are randomly picked by the mod
- ss - Announces overall raid soulstone status

All together this is a rather lightweight mod just to provide helper functions to raiding locks, especially the Warlock 'officer' of the raid, giving them an easy location to check for their charges status.

-- 1.4 --
- Updated for WOTLK/3.0
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