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Version: 1.04
by: JASlaughter [More]

JasonQuest (JQuest) is an addon that allows you to share and view questlogs between party JQuest users.

Forum thread on WowAce


  • Full display of members' quests, including objective status, reward items and money
  • Automatically track member quests just like the player questlog
  • Receive notifications in your chatlog of member quest updates
  • Request quest shares from members, with notification of result (already completed, not eligible, etc)
  • Minimap button only appears when in debug mode, or other members have JQuest
  • Familiar look and feel as it emulates Blizzard's quest log
  • Double-Wide mode similar to Iriel's DoubleWide mod
  • Quest levels and 'other members on quest' shown in brackets
  • Mousing over a member's tab will show their XP status
  • FuBar support via JasonQuestFu
  • LightHeaded support via JasonQuestLH

  • Yes, party members that want to share QuestLogs need to have this mod!

Simply click on the minimap book icon (when in a party or debug mode) to open the JasonQuest log frame. There will be a tab for each party member along the side with portraits - red for no data and full-color for any data. Just click the tab to see their log.

Once in the log, clicking Synchronize will send what quests you have listed for a member, and that member's JQuest should send back the missing quests.

Clicking Share Quest will ask the other member's JQuest to share a quest that you don't have with you.

  • Double-Wide Code: Iriel <[email protected]>
  • Core comm handler: Quixote, created by Kemayo
  • Minimap button: MiniButtLib, created by DarkImakuni, who credited Gello

Credit Note: This AddOn was originally created for my internal use with my family while leveling up together. In the process, I looked at Quixote and QuestLogFrame.lua. Since the AddOn wasn't meant for public consumption at first, I may have missed giving credit where credit is due. Please know that this is not intentional and a simple email letting me know I've missed a credit is all that's needed to get the insertion.

To Do
  • Quest timers (maybe)

Known Issues
If it's in this list, rest assured I'm aware of it and looking for solutions. If you've been able to solve one yourself, please let me know and I'll incorporate it ASAP along with proper credit.
  • Sometimes Blizzard doesn't update the questlog objectives quickly enough, and you end up with objectives like " : 0/5"
  • Expanding / Collapsing quests changes quests available through the Blizzard API, and it makes the QUEST_LOG_UPDATE event unreliable. Because of timing issues with this event, sometimes the last quest will be selected in the log. (Blizzard really should separate the Log Frame UI from the API...)

Other Notes
WoWAce will always have the latest build, although that doesn't necessarily mean the most bug-free. WoWAce is for development hosting and so any test builds will be included. If you feel like running the latest internal, you can grab the latest JasonQuest build here.

v1.04.$Revision: 73320 $
- Hopefully fixed objective completion for non numbered objectives (i.e. Energize
a Crystal Ward for Arm the Wards!)
- Various cleanup
- Reduced ping frequency

- Fixed not-so-rare Comm.lua:40 bug

- Fixed semi-rare Comm.lua:3 bug

+ Added version notifications on-frame
+ Modified playersOnQuest functions to ignore debug mode
+ Modified playersOnQuest indicator to be colored a light blue when you're one of
players on the quest

+ Modified the way LightHeaded_JasonQuest is supported
+ Frame is movable without shift (not sure why I did that now), frame will always
snap back to where it was after closing

+ Added support for QuestLinks
+ Added Dewdrop to Embeds.xml
- Disabled use in raids do to unreliable results

+ Added Dewdrop to svn:externals

+ Frame is now movable (hold shift)
+ Organized the options a bit
+ Added DewdropLib as X-Embed, so everyone has the right-click menu

- Applied quest selection fix to Comm.lua

+ Added a search bar at the bottom of the JQuest frame, ripped straight from my
- Fixed rare spamming of 'party#' spam
- Fixed LogFrame.lua:201 nil error
- Fixed Comm.lua:197:attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
- Fixed Tab status indicators to properly display gray if incompatible version, and
red only when there is no data
- Selected quests should now be properly reselected after a scan (using
GetQuestLogSelection() instead of QuestLogFrame.selectedButtonID which lags behind

- Fixed issue with reward items sometimes not showing up--Required a COMM change so
all users will need to upgrade (Sorry!)

- Changed the check for battlegrounds, using GetBattlefieldInstanceRunTime() instead,
tested but not in an arena
- Fixed Comm.lua:342 nil error

+ Quest rewards are now linkable and dressable
- Fixed Core.lua:549 nil error

- Fresh installs will default to DoubleWide if Iriel's DoubleWide mod is loaded
- Reworked QUEST_LOG_UPDATE event registering and de-registering--should keep JQuest
from stopping unexpectedly
- Moved debug messages to ChatFrame3 again, with notifications staying in default
+ Added reward info, although no tooltips for spell rewards
+ Added required money info, although this is currently untested

- Player-to-player messages should not be sent in battlegrounds, hopefully getting
rid of some ChatFrame spam
+ Added (slightly out of scope) party XP info -- Just mouse-over their tab to see
- Player will now refresh cached quest list before responding to sync requests

- [#] Number of members on quest indicator now updates with player updates
- Details pane updates when party updates
- Fixed compatibility issue with beql

- Fixed Comm.lua:215: attempt to compare boolean with number

- Not sure what I was thinking, debug messages use the same function as the
notification messages so moving them to ChatFrame3 moved everything, fixed

- Fixed Comm.lua:31: attempt to index field '?' (a number value)
- Debug messages are now in ChatFrame3, and added some new messages

- Minimap button should now only show up when other members have JQuest (or you
are in debug mode)
+ JQuest will now re-ping members who ping you and didn't have JQuest earlier
(generally a sign of a /rl)

- [#] Number of members on quest indicator now updates when the party updates
- Fixed Core.lua line 565:attempt to index field '?' (a number value)
- Fixed LogFrame.lua:513: bad argument #2 to 'format' (number expected, got nil)
- Attempt 1 to reduce 'does not exist' errors during raids (drycoded)

- The questlog from Bliz moves IDs around when adding/removing quests, as such
the quest tracker was screwy. Most of the code has been overhauled to use
titles exclusively, requiring yet another comm update (Sorry!)
+ Custom Double-Wide textures since I couldn't get ahold of Kudane
+ Slightly better memory / cpu usage
+ Slightly lower bandwidth utilization due to incorporation of the WHISPER
addon channel

+ Auto-Track is now available, and behaves much like Blizzard's. As such, the
default now is to have 'showUpdates' turned off
+ If DewDrop is loaded then the minimap button will now have a right-click menu
- Multiple member indicator [2] will now only show when there are 2+ members
on the quest
- Fixed error when shift-clicking a header

+ Moved credits from code to ReadMe.txt
+ Added Double-Wide option
+ Transfer status indicator on member tabs
- If a member was selected and they left, the data was not cleared visually
- If the JQuest frame was not visible, detail text was not updated properly
for the selected quest

- In JQuest Tracker the level is replaced with the trackee name
- The tracker will stop tracking a quest after it's deleted

- Tooltips did not properly show which JQuest users were on a quest
- [#] indicator in the quest log did not properly show which JQuest users were
on a quest
- JQuest did not properly update when a member changed from partyA to partyB
- Tabs did not properly update 'glow' when switching between tabs
- Portraits did not properly update past Party1
+ Shift-clicking a quest will track that quest

- Debug mode required an on_show event when not in a group
- (Sorry!) COMM update to 1.02 reflecting ERROR message types
- Will no longer ping same-version JQuest users
- Should no longer show 0/# for objectives of a turned-in quest
+ Shift-clicking a questname will copy it into the ChatFrame and WIM edit boxes
+ Asking for a shared quest will now notify you of the results (already completed,
too far away, etc)

- Fixed spamming issue when JQuest versions are mis-matched

- Fixed really annoying bug that selects last quest after a leaderboard update

- COMM update to 1.01, reflecting some optimizations when there are 2+ other members
+ Tabs now gray out when a member has JQuest, but the wrong version (red if no JQuest)

- TOC Revision fix
+ Added '/jq show' to show gui

- Public Release

- 1.3 broke objective updates (oops)
- Cleaned up code for potential public release

- Removed simple queue. Hopefully it doesn't start d/c'ing again but so far so good
- Fixed "Comm.lua line 184: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)" error

- Corrected embedded libs for standalone
- Fixed line 244 error related to questlog mods

+ Added minimap button (shows only when in party or in debug mode).

- Internal release.
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Unread 01-14-09, 03:13 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Red face Any chance on Wrath? I'll help.

I've used this addon throughout BC. And anytime I'm helping a friend quest, I tell them to get this addon. Now that Wrath is here, I am getting errors when using it.

The first error i got was related to lines 661-667 in the LogFrame.lua file. My short fix of just commenting them out allowed me to use the addon. Minus that functionality.

After that, there was the next error that popped up. One that I am still working on 'red-necking'.
Line 516 of LogFrame.lua was the culprit.
Again, commenting the line out allowed me to bypass the problem.

After that it was smooth sailing with it again. (For the time being)

The first error was relating to something about money and the next error was relating to setting the text color of a string or property or something?...

I'm no expert, or even a novice, so anything that I can do to help with this addon I will try.
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Unread 10-22-08, 09:22 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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any hope of this getting updated?
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Unread 07-28-08, 09:46 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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It's a new window. Integrating with the main questlog has two detractors - one is that you wouldn't be able to do side-by-side comparisons, and two it could interfere with other questlog mods.

@11:43A EST - Updated to include newest embeds from wowace.
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Unread 07-23-08, 05:53 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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The idea sounds great. It is a little bit of QuestFu's support for parties with a nice GUI!

Unfortunately I cannot test it right away, so allow me the question: does it replace the normal QuestLog or is it an additional window that is shown upon request?

Happy coding!

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