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BigWigs Bossmods.
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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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Version: v7.3.11
by: funkydude [More]

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A collection of BigWigs modules for bosses found in 5-man dungeons and scenarios.

LittleWigs is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there: https://github.com/BigWigsMods/LittleWigs

v7.3.11 (2018-02-17)
Full Changelog Previous releases
  • WotLK: added Trash modules for 4 dungeons (mostly CC) (#198)
  • WotLK/Gundrak: warnings for avoidable damage, cleanups (#200)
  • WotLK/UtgardePinnacle/Skadi: use modern API to detect the encounter, print the target of "Whirlwind" and also warn when taking damage from it (#199)
  • zhCN update (#196)
  • WotLK/TheNexus/Telestra: added a message for "Critter", cleanups (#197)
  • CourtOfStars/Locales: fixes (#195)
  • EyeOfAzshara/Trash: added a warning for "Thundering Stomp" and made the message for "Polymorph: Fish" shorter (#191)
  • DarkheartThicket/Trash: added a warning for "Nightmare Toxin", fixed "Blood Bomb" (#192)
  • CourtOfStars/AdvisorMelandrus: added a warmup timer (#194)
  • Karazhan/Moroes: added a warning for "Healing Stream", warn healers about "Coat Check" after it becomes dispellable (#193)
  • TheArcway/Trash: do not warn about warlock-controlled NPCs casting "Brand of the Legion", fixed TargetMessage calls not playing sounds (#188)
  • Karazhan/Nightbane: use SayCountdown instead of manual ScheduleTimer calls (#189)
  • Karazhan/Moroes: warn when Mana Drain is being casted rather than when it's already applied (#190)
  • Update ruRU.lua (#187)
  • update zhCN. (#186)

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