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Updated: 08-02-08 04:52 PM
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Updated:08-02-08 04:52 PM

Drshow Samples - Frames

Version: 1.2
by: Drshow [More]

In my adventures of learning to make addons, i found frames with slash command was the hardest hurdle to tackle. This is just 2 sample frames called with slash commands of /fs 1 & /fs 2

  1. The first frame is Blizz Default UI for Dialog strata.
  2. The second frame is Blizz Default UI for Elements with a sample button and default close button option.
I hope that this will help someone who has found the challange of launching a frame with slash command.

More to come.
  • Multible frame examples using Default UI
  • Resizable frames
  • Extensive Button, Slider & Text editing examples
Drshow of Dragonblight -

1.2 added readme file, indicating slash commands and freeware use of samples.

-- 1.2 changed name of download page to indicate a sample only frame.
-- 1.2 changed name of download page to indicate Drshow Samples, more to come.
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