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File: LightHeaded03-08-17
Hello, thanks for the great addon,...
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Hello, thanks for the great addon, I've been using it for a very long time. Having a small issue, if it is an issue at all. When you are tracking quests and you click the quest title the quick quest log opens and lightheaded opens with, but before if I wanted to change what the minimap was pointing me towards I could press the ci...
File: LightHeaded09-19-16
Re: Re: Welcome back!
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Hello again Cladhaire :D, i just randomly checked to see if anyone had taken over the addon by now, only to see that you are back :) so i downloaded the addon again and nice work like always ;), i missed it ALLOT lol xD i just have a question, i think you don't really do addon integration ( i'm not sure it's been awhile lo...
File: LightHeaded12-20-14
Hello Cladhaire The latest versi...
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Hello Cladhaire The latest version doesn't seem to be working for me, if I delete it and install the previous version 60000-1.0.0 it will work no problem. I did't have an error message pop up tho so I cant post any for you sorry.
File: Retex for Action Bar12-09-14
Hi This feature is great I love...
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Hi This feature is great I love the simple smoothness of it only 1 suggestion if I may, could we get a version with the pointed ends removed?? Cheers :)