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File: MyRolePlay11-14-13
Posted By: Etarna
Update: I no longer play World of Warcraft. (No particular offence to Blizzard, I'm just a tad bored of the game, given I've been playing it for nigh-on 8 yearsÖ!) MyRolePlay is open-source, so anyone can update it if they have the skill; an interested developer has already come forward, and I've added him as an author on here. I ho...
File: MyRolePlay05-23-13
Posted By: Etarna
Just a TOC bump, really. Nothing to update for this patch, it seems. I do plan a feature update in time, however.
File: Aurora_MyRolePlay05-23-13
Thankfully MyRolePlay is fairly eas...
Posted By: Etarna
Thankfully MyRolePlay is fairly easy to work with.Thanks! :D I wasnít aware this existed until I happened upon it today. Iíll keep an eye out for possible changes needed if/when I redesign the editor.
File: MyRolePlay03-05-13
Re: Buff Tooltips and Raven
Posted By: Etarna
Updated for 5.2; included new features (including a fix for that pesky browser-going-offscreen bug, the cause of which Iíve gone into on another site). Do you have any idea of what might be causing this? MRP is confusing it with a UnitFrame, for some reason, and itís even returning through UnitIsPlayer()? Further edit: author of Ra...
File: MyRolePlay08-28-12
Re: Compatibility
Posted By: Etarna
Updated for 5.0.4. You will need to update (a UI template has changed, so youíll get Lua errors and the editor probably wonít work if you donít). Is this Add-On compatible with Lysidia's Kitty Chat (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info20124-LysidiasKittyChat.html#info)? What about Tongues (http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/to...
File: MyRolePlay11-29-11
Re: Re:
Posted By: Etarna
MRP can't do it, but TRP can, though MRP still read the code entered into TRP. That was how I heard it, anyway. I donít want to go into why exactly, but passing pipe-codes from other users for display parsing may be potentially dangerous. Thereís a reason itís filtered out of chat.
File: MyRolePlay11-16-11
Posted By: Etarna fixes an important problem; some people had apparently embedded pipe control codes in their fields, to change the colour of their name. (Itís not possible to do this within MyRolePlayís interface, but I suppose someone had edited the Lua directly.) As this could conceivably pose a potential security/impersonation problem...
File: MyRolePlay10-25-11 fixes a Lua error that can...
Posted By: Etarna fixes a Lua error that can arise when an incorrectly-scripted NPC (such as the Headless Horseman) speaks. (Thanks to Nawkar for reporting and testing!)
File: MyRolePlay07-03-11
Re: Nameplates...
Posted By: Etarna
Originally posted by CdavidB First let me say I love this addon! I'm new to RP but so far this addon alone has breathed new life into a game that was feeling stale.Thank you very much! And thanks to the other roleplayers on your realm, of course! I was wondering, is there any way to show the MRP names in the nameplates? Sorry, t...
File: MyRolePlay06-28-11
MyRolePlay released. This...
Posted By: Etarna
MyRolePlay released. This formally updates MRP for 4.2 (although the groundwork for 4.2 support was already done in It also adds a new feature: RP names in chat! This means youíll see charactersí RP names (for players with an MSP-compatible AddOn who have set one, and for whom you have their basic character to...
File: MyRolePlay06-03-11
Originally posted by Namtar The u...
Posted By: Etarna
Originally posted by Namtar The upcoming FlagRSP2 version will be able to properly communicate with MyRolePlay and vice versa? Correct!
File: MyRolePlay06-02-11
Iím glad you like the new features!...
Posted By: Etarna
Iím glad you like the new features! Hm. Considering, but not sold on how to approach it. Fields feed through from the Default profile if they havenít been explicitly changed in the currently-selected profile (if thatís not Default). RP style isn't likely to change very much but some people really like having Character Status (in p...
File: MyRolePlay05-29-11
MyRolePlay released. A ver...
Posted By: Etarna
MyRolePlay released. A very important update: please, everyone, update as soon as possible! Iíve fixed a nasty bug (that could cause you to send rather more traffic than intended) There are also several nice new features, including:ó Smarter communication (briefly: when someone you donít know yet requests your tooltip...
File: FlagRSP205-22-11
An update to this AddOn is on the w...
Posted By: Etarna
An update to this AddOn is on the way, using MSP instead of xtensionxtooltip2 (so compatible with MyRolePlay and upcoming updates to other RP AddOns, and no longer using a chat channel). Currently in alpha-testing and seems to be functional.
File: MyRolePlay05-20-11
I'm very glad you like my AddOn; th...
Posted By: Etarna
I'm very glad you like my AddOn; thanks for your kind comments. Originally posted by Dyplex I have one issue though, at first when I login and view my character pane, it's fine, my whole name is displayed i.e name+last name. But as soon as I close the pane and open it again, my last name disappears. If I relog, it gets fixe...
File: MyRolePlay04-27-11
Updated for 4.1.
Posted By: Etarna
Updated for 4.1.
File: MyRolePlay02-16-11
Updated to fix a bug. (It wonít los...
Posted By: Etarna
Updated to fix a bug. (It wonít lose the button anymore.)
File: MyRolePlay02-08-11
Posted By: Etarna
Updated ó with a ton of new features! Itís even faster and smaller now, yet has more features! Even I donít know how I managed that!
File: ImmersionRP (Continued)01-14-11
Originally posted by Shannae Ugh....
Posted By: Etarna
Originally posted by Shannae Ugh... ever have that feeling, that the thing that is going wrong is going to seem so incredibly easy when you figure it out? That's been me, all day yesterday and today. >.<;;; I know that feeilng well! If youíd like any help, please donít hesitate to ask. See email. :)
File: MyRolePlay01-09-11
Posted By: Etarna
Iíve updated MRP to the latest version ( on here as well, as WoWInterface had a rather old 3.x version and needed some love. :p Currently working on the 4.0.6 branch (and about to go to sleep, honest), which has such goodies as being even smaller and faster, an options panel (well, it will have by the time itís released),...