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Ah-ha. On the Wowace svn, you have...
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Ah-ha. On the Wowace svn, you have a nice .pkgmeta file, which is good, and it tells the packager to include all the libraries you need (including, to take harl's example, LibDataBroker). However, in your repository, you also have a /libs folder, which contains manually imported copies of two libraries (LDB and LibDBIcon). The pac...
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Re: Profile?
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Originally posted by Azaram How does one set up a profile? My hunter and warlock keep ending up with all my druid's reagents on him. Tried /fr profile (Warlock's name) but it says that isn't a valid profile. In the name of better late than never, I took a moment to play with the syntax; it wants "/fr profile choose char". D...