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File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar10-26-14
flight timers
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currently doesn't work for me with inflight. is this option still valid? edit: found a working addon. FlightMap and Time http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/flight-map found a post that inflight stopped access to data. FlightMap Enhanced no joy.
File: MapNotesIcons_baloor10-05-07
Just a toc update
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No functional changes. Just updating the toc Unless any significant changes occur in MapNotes this is pretty much the stable release now. hmm. my blog url gets censored in my file comments, weird. yet the other google hosted site does not.
File: MapNotesIcons_baloor05-31-07
MapNotes provides a plugin feature...
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MapNotes provides a plugin feature that makes this easy for me to do. MetaMap does not appear to have that option. You could certainly overwrite the icon files in MetaMap with those I provide and see what happens. I don't want to release a MetaMap hack though, or I'll end up supporting broken and borked installs.
File: FuBar - ToFu10-01-06
Originally posted by Promark You...
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Originally posted by Promark You may not want to do this, since things such as Carrot on a Stick or spurs can change a players flight time. What might take you X minutes may take them (X - 7%) less. Of course if it adjusts once you actually fly a path, then I suppose it doesn't matter much. That would be false. It is not a moun...
File: AuldLangSyne09-19-06
That would be the guild of those in...
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That would be the guild of those in your friends lists, so if that isn't your guild... Try a /who on the person or their guildname I also find it adds guild info if the person has been in a party with me.