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File: Bob's Shadow UI (Based on Birg's Druid UI Legion)06-14-18
sweet ui
Posted By: Pakman82
would love to have this as an enhance shaman.
File: Altz UI for BFA09-18-17
Posted By: Pakman82
great addon // although i been using elvui past cpl years. i just switched over to altz.. i did find a problem with it.. on some of the quests where you have to battle the dranie in old ways or how they use to challenege ppl its and argussian world quest. .. its bugged it wont let ya do the quest i had to disable alts to get the act...
File: LUI v310-13-16
hey got a ?
Posted By: Pakman82
i have been using elvui for about a year now.. but came across this one.. i do not use recount or omen i use skada and bigwigs and a few others does it work with other addons?