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File: iipui08-20-18
Raiding, PVP, crashing
Posted By: BoneDancer-SiN
I've had intermittent C Stack overflow errors and other horrible neverending Lua train wrecks while running this UI. I have a pretty simple set of other add-ons that disabling does not seem to help improve (Skada, BigWigs, and Zygor Guides) I've installed a bug tracker to try and get you some better feedback then 'its broke' but...
File: iipui08-01-18
Thanks a lot, man, these are seriou...
Posted By: BoneDancer-SiN
Thanks a lot, man, these are seriously the ONLY raid frames I've ever felt comfortable using and I generally hate having frames on the left; I can fiddle with that on my time ;p
File: iipui07-27-18
fixed in latest uploaded version, t...
Posted By: BoneDancer-SiN
fixed in latest uploaded version, thanks for the bug report Obble, I have a couple strange bugs I was hoping you could help with. My Nameplates are grey and do not 'work', i.e. they don't move up or down based on health loss. --edit I downloaded a class color type addon called "NameplateColors" that seems to have fixed it....
File: Altz UI for BFA07-23-18
Re: Re: GetPlayerMapPosition
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Thanks that change fixeder right up. Also a minor bug and a question I noticed tonight. 1) SpellID (when enabled in options) does not show up in the book or on my action bars. It does show up on my aura panel (top right buffs) 2) Is there a way to change the tooltips transparency? With it being opaque, in some background...
File: Altz UI for BFA07-23-18
Posted By: BoneDancer-SiN
Don't know if you guys can help me, fresh install. I have DBM, Skada, and TSM installed but thats it. In a party if I hover over someone I get a crap ton of errors that say: attempt to call upvalue 'GetPlayerMapPosition' (a nil value) ....embeds\range.lua:81:... attempt to call upvalue 'GetPlayerMapPosition' ....embeds\r...
File: DiabolicUI (Goldpaw's Diablo UI)12-16-17
Love the UI, way to small for me to read ;/
Posted By: BoneDancer-SiN
Somethings I like about this UI a ton. I love what you've done with the minimap and the quest tracker. Unfortunately, I play on a big screen and some of the UI elements are just to small to read. Specfically, I'd love to know how to scale/change size of any of the below: Chat Font (I literally can't read it) Buffs/Debuff Aur...
File: LynUI10-05-16
Questions for Author
Posted By: BoneDancer-SiN
This is by far my favorite unit frame/font layout. You have a nice artistic style. I have a couple questions for you on how you use it raiding/playing. 1) Do you use a damage meter, if so where do you position it? I think I want mine on the right but the tooltip looks ugly popping up over it and the quest frame won't stay clo...
File: KaitUI01-27-15
Re: Re: Cool backgrounds for talents and glyphs
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I don't have the same awesome head shot on my talent window its just blank. Did I miss something? Firstly there is a small bug where the portrait only shows on the second time you pull the talents panel up. I have no clue what causes that. (the second time per session i mean. after that it comes first time every time) But I assu...
File: KaitUI01-26-15
Cool backgrounds for talents and glyphs
Posted By: BoneDancer-SiN
I don't have the same awesome head shot on my talent window its just blank. Did I miss something?
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-16-15
Been using the UI ever since I came back...
Posted By: BoneDancer-SiN
Absolutely swear by it. That said, I recently started noticing that the Error Filtering either does not work at all or breaks after extended game play on my Druid. I will occasionally get a SVUI NIL error message working the combat log but that also seems to come and go. I got so annoyed by this problem I tried a clean install...
File: GearSwap01-17-11
Just what I was looking for!
Posted By: BoneDancer-SiN
I converted from Outfitter and ClosetGnome types of addons to Blizzards manager with Cataclysm. I really miss my automatic gear swapping by zone, but really enjoy the lower memory footprint and SPEED that blizzards version changes gear. Any chance you can support zone based swaps?