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File: Total RP (English version)12-04-10
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Originally posted by McCarronXLD Is it still possible to update after Blizzard's changes or should we move on? :( You can get the new version (by the same author) at http://forums.telkostrasz.be/thread-527.html - TotalRP 2!
File: flagRSP MoP10-15-10
Re: Description field error
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I have the same problem as Lalaith. Thank you very much for the update!
File: Total RP (English version)10-15-10
It's broken because of the chat thr...
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It's broken because of the chat throttle that Blizzard just implemented =( On a tangent note: Does anyone know where to go inside the TRP folder to "save" my character descriptions? I can't seem to find them in the midst of all of the code.
File: SimpleMarker10-12-10
I can't manage to move simple marke...
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I can't manage to move simple marker now that 4.0.1 has hit =( It's stuck in the center of my screen. Any fix that I can enable on my end?
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)08-05-09
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Originally posted by totalpackage Check if you still have those issues. It's hard to pinpoint problems caused during load time. It works beautifully, now! Thank you so very much. I'm extremely impressed by its versitility! FINALLY, someone who lets me put my group windows where *I* want them, not squished all in one line....
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)08-04-09
In-game menu?
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Hello! I'm back to WoW after a long hiatus and noticed this UI Addon. I'm very impressed with the screenshots and would like to try it, however...I cannot get the ingame menu to come up. -I have placed all of the folders in my Addons folder -I have checked to ensure that STUF (and all of its components) are enabled at character...