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File: Engraved01-26-11
Originally posted by Niightblade...
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Originally posted by Niightblade Can we please have the option to turn off the new glow thing? I can barely make out which colour each rune is with the Circle theme. Ditto. Glow + Circle theme = Too damn bright. :( Either straight-up turn it off for Circle or, please, give us an option to do so? :\
File: TipTac11-23-10
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Love the new OmniCC support, Aezay. It's the only thing I had to keep re-adding to your updates. Woot! ^_^
File: Skillet11-12-10
Re: Re: Re: Game freezes when opening Inscription
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Originally posted by Seajay How did you exclude inscription and what other addon did you use for it?By the sounds of it, he just doesn't load Skillet on that character (disable it in character-specific addon settings, on the character screen). That aside: would be great to have the changelog updated, on here, when new versions a...
File: BuyEmAll10-21-10
Re: Re: v3.0.1 goes *kaboom!*
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Originally posted by Shinisuryu Either way, new version should be up in a sec. ^^;Cheers for that! ^^ Also posted by Shinisuryu IMO, that seems silly that the order has to be that way.The reason it has to be that way is actually more intuitive than it may seem: as the files in the TOC are loaded (in order of inclusion), they'r...
File: BuyEmAll10-21-10
v3.0.1 goes *kaboom!*
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@Zidomo: Yup. #2 and #3 are caused by #1. :D The fix is simple, thankfully: * The localization files need to be before the other files, in the TOC. ^_^
File: AVR05-20-10
Re: PTR 0.3.5 (12045) patch
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Originally posted by c0ding Only to report that AVR is messing something up in graphics in last version on PTR (0.3.5 "12045") and fps is going realy bad =/ PTR issues are the least of your worries, unfortunately. Blizzard are deliberately breaking AVR in the 3.3.5 patch. See blue post here. Enjoy it while it lasts, folk...
File: ButtonFacade: Aperture04-20-10
For the people who are still alive.
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I may not use ButtonFacade but I just had to say: This was a triumph! Iím making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
File: LilSparky's Workshop03-26-10
Originally posted by lilsparky i'...
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Originally posted by lilsparky i've actually just begun work on my skillet replacement, so if i can keep focused on it, i think i could have something going on that front in a few weeks maybe. Definitely looking forward to seeing this. :)
File: AuctionLite03-26-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Memory usage getting high
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Originally posted by dr_AllCOM3 exactly. memory doesn't matter, AuctionLite just has a large database. Actually, memory can matter - in that it has to be loaded at character login and the difference can be significant if you have a lot of addons with a lot of data (for example, the "loading bar" takes 20 seconds to fill instead o...
File: AuctionLite03-23-10
Re: Memory usage getting high
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Originally posted by lwoodya This addon used to be low memory and now it is creeping up on 20MB. This is by far the most of any addon I use. Is this due to the scan database bloating from many, many scans or is something else going on. I can clear the database, but then I loose many months of historical data. Is there anything else...
File: FuBar_DungeonDiFu10-06-09
Originally posted by Argone So on...
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Originally posted by Argone So on french version, the plugin don't appear anywhere :( It's checked on the addon page but in game, there's nothing :( The "plugin not appearing" thing wasn't just a French-version issue. I've fallen prey to that bug myself (English client), though only once. To be honest, I've no idea what caused...
File: flagRSP MoP08-28-09
FlagRSP and SpamMeNot aren't good play-mates!
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Just a warning to folk that might have one of these AddOns and want to use the other: flagRSP and SpamMeNot (SMN) do NOT play nicely, together! I don't know if an addon can mark its Comm Channel as "high-traffic" to avoid SMN watching it, but as it stands, SMN will go nuts on the xtensionxtooltip2 channel that flagRSP uses and reg...
File: The Collector08-06-09
: spellID# 66847 New 60% Allianc...
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: spellID# 66847 New 60% Alliance mount sold by Lenalai in Darnassus (38.3, 15.7) for 1g. :)
File: Ackis Recipe List10-30-08
Re: Re: tooltips
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Originally posted by Ackis The tooltips with what can be made with the recipe can be seen displaying the item or recipe tooltip (shift click I think?) A recipe list that doesn't show recipes (and their produce) seems a little counter-intuitive. :\ Currently, pressing the button to the left of a recipe brings up a list of wher...
File: Ackis Recipe List10-28-08
I like the new look but, as bidulka...
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I like the new look but, as bidulka states, the new version no longer shows the actual recipe tooltip. That was a majorly useful feature and I'm not entirely sure why you've taken it out. :P Additionally, a vast number of the recipes are listed with the wrong skill level. For example: ARL shows Drums of Battle as 355 - it should...
File: LinksList + All Plugins10-23-08
Add my tuppence to the pile: awesom...
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Add my tuppence to the pile: awesome mod, would love to see it updated. :)
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced10-20-08
Re: Re: Re: Error
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Originally posted by Daviesh This has not been an option since Burning Crusade, WoW manages its own memory resources now. Woops. You're right. :confused: Shows how long it's been since I've had to worry about it, eh? :rolleyes: They should have the LoD highlight as another option up top, though. Seriously useful. That aside...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced10-17-08
Re: Error
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Originally posted by Darkwolf30 Anyone else getting a memory error with atlasloot? Tried increasing your script memory? You can find the editbox in the AddOns menu (top right, I think).
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)10-15-08
He's working on the WotLK version h...
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He's working on the WotLK version here: http://www.wimaddon.com/ Same place as always.
File: DamageMeters02-03-08
Amusing date issue...
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"5.8.2 - 2-3-07"? Isn't it 2008, now? ;-)
File: Advanced TradeSkill Window Levels (plugin)06-03-07
Originally posted by YammY I'm wa...
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Originally posted by YammY I'm waiting for someone with german client that could tell me what shows in your tooltips for 'requires level' and 'requires profession (xxx)' :) Those two string templates are stored in FrameXML\GlobalStrings.lua] as the following: ITEM_MIN_LEVEL = "Requires Level %d"; -- Required level to use the ite...
File: Scrolling Combat Text03-28-07
FCT is great if you just need a lig...
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FCT is great if you just need a lightweight SCT with limited options, but using SCT's new Lightmode can get you the same performance with almost all of SCT's normal features. Might want to remove this part from your description if LM doesn't exist any more. ;D
File: TTSpellTimer02-11-07
Druid issues - Moonfire / Entangling Roots
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Noticed problems with Moonfire] and Entangling Roots] on my druid but the latter seems to be related to macroed spells: Moonfire] - timer created for Rank 1 (only) is 3 secs too long (should be 9 seconds). Macro problems Casting Bash] from an ability button: creates timer -- from a macro: fine. Casting Moonfire] from a spel...
File: flagRSP BC02-07-07
Originally posted by Adriathys I'...
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Originally posted by Adriathys I've got a new minor version of flagRSP BC ready to come out, but I need to know if anyone's been experiencing a bug where the communication channel is becoming un-hidden after a log out. I've heard it happening with flagRSP2 and MyRolePlay, but I've been unable to reproduce it with this version.Shor...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced01-29-07
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@Myrathi If you want to fix up AtlasLootFu, go for it, it is unfortunately a little way down my priority list ATM. Just e-mail it to me and I'll bundle it in.Incoming e-mail with v1.1. :)