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File: flagRSP MoP08-24-11
not sure what's going on, but it se...
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not sure what's going on, but it seems that at random intervals, I am completely unable to see my own description. I haven't seen other players yet so I don't know if the same thing will occur, but it seems pretty unpredictable so i assume so. I mean, I just alt-tabbed back into the game and the description was visible again. a cou...
File: AuctionLite12-12-10
Originally posted by soxism Confi...
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Originally posted by soxism Confirm, trying full scan, and crashes the game ah, I quit scanning since even before cata, it would sometimes crash my game and destroy the database. so a waste of time.
File: AuctionLite12-11-10
Originally posted by fishzman sou...
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Originally posted by fishzman sounds like a great addon ..any chance its going to get updated for cata? i need something for auctioning stuff and auctioneer takes alot of memory to run so i dont like it but this sounds great plz update it I've been using this with cata without too many problems.
File: Multishot (Screenshot)10-20-10
hi, can somebody please tell me wha...
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hi, can somebody please tell me what first kill mode is? is it first kill altogether, of all kills in the entire game? or is it first kill of each mob type? there is no explanation of it.
File: DontStandInFire10-15-10
is there any chance of this getting...
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is there any chance of this getting updated for cataclysm? I really need this and I can't find anything else like it.
File: AuctionLite04-30-10
insane price cancelling.
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hi, I love this add-on it does everything I want very simple and easy. the one issue I have is that if somebody puts an item on the AH at an insane price, then it is recorded. this makes my price data completely inaccurate and it becomes useless. then I am stuck with it. the only way I could rectify it is to throw out my entire d...