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The raid cursor ignores macros. Thi...
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The raid cursor ignores macros. This is intentional, because macro conditionals are calculated when you press the button, but not before that, which makes it hard to decide whether the spell you want to use is applicable to the current target. It's also designed this way to allow you to designate specific target conditions without ha...
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Thanks. I realized it would be kind...
Posted By: Hardc0re
Thanks. I realized it would be kinda hard to make everything work only via gamepad (like having the Triangle as the "bind to" button for everything. I'm started using the addon on my main and doing raids and Mythic+ runs and even arenas. The more I get used to it the more I'm loving it. Thank you very much for making this addon bro....
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How do you bind mounts and macros on the utility belt? I couldn't find any options on neither of them. Thanks for the addon btw, I'm starting to develop carpal and this is handy as hell. Really awesome and well-tought, congratulations and again, thank you very much.