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File: DoTimer08-10-11
any chance of an update i cant get...
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any chance of an update i cant get dotimer to run it just says out of date even when i type "/dotimer" (without quotes) i get the message type /help for a few commands or is there a fix until it updated thnx in advance i did take screen shots but i can seem to add the links
File: Roth UI (Diablo)06-16-11
i download roth ui yesterday as i l...
Posted By: raven1970
i download roth ui yesterday as i like the look diablo style :) but it dose not load i removed all my other addon but still not working:( any ideas what the prob may be sorted it now :)
File: nUI: Spiel Dashboard Skin07-20-09
Originally posted by Silenia Than...
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Originally posted by Silenia Thanks :) I'm not sure what you mean. The skin is merely the background graphic. Can you explain in more detail so we're on the same page? ok on the original ui every thing is easy to see for example the (chat box) i can read what is writen in there but when i use the skin add-on everything is ki...
File: nUI: Spiel Dashboard Skin07-14-09
very nice looking skin... is there...
Posted By: raven1970
very nice looking skin... is there anyway of making things a bit bigger as i have rather crappy eyesight thnx