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Originally posted by DanielCoffey Out of interest, how many of you are still running with v4.5 rather than 4.5.1 so you can click off buffs out of combat? I am running v4.5.1 and I have no problem clicking off buffs out of combat.
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Re: Update for 4.2?
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Originally posted by Shadowjade An update for patch 4.2 coming soon? Please :) Love this addon! I've fixed most of it. There are two places where you need to change the line to COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED(timestamp, event, hideCaster, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, sourceFlags2, destGUID, destName, destFlags, destFlag...
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Re: Re: CPU Utilization issue?
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Originally posted by Cladhaire TomTom does something when the watch frame is updated. This is a one-time scan, and its only done if POI integration is turned on. There's not much way around this, but unless you have that frame being updated constantly, TomTom isn't going to be doing anything in response to it. My gut says that T...
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CPU Utilization issue?
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I've been troubleshooting a FPS stutter issue since 4.0.3a and I think it is tomtom. Has anyone else had this issue? In Ulduar the trash before Flame Leviathan completely locked me into a slide show but I didn't have Broker_CPU running at that time. The end of Wintergrasp locked me up for a good 30s or so. Broker_CPU showed the C...
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Originally posted by Degenx2 I'm having a problem with this addon. It's giving me an error message saying data could not be found every time I try to open up the quest list for an area, or receive/turn in a quest. Any ideas on how to fix this? All help is appreciated. I was having this issue and it turned out to be CTmod because...