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Re: Loving it
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Originally posted by prophetik First time in a couple years that I've switched to a compilation suite, looks gorgeous and I love the theming that aims to match the Blizzard style. Only one thing I've noticed so far, the bags on the left side of the screen overlap the default raid config/slide out bar. Are you planning on moving...
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Originally posted by DarkVanir Lo...
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Originally posted by DarkVanir Lovely UI. I really like it. :) The only thing I dislike is the too small numbers in the power bar. But it's still a 10/10. Well, that's easy to change in the PitBull4 options. Glad you like it.
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Re: Omen Position Set
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Originally posted by HydraQuest Great UI - I am trying to re-configure for my screen layout. I have figured out how to move almost all of what I need. The only thing I can not seem to move is Omen. Where was the position of it configured from? I am running at 1920x1080 and had to move most of the kgpanels stuff. I also added a four...
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Originally posted by rebopg Hi Da...
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Originally posted by rebopg Hi Daedhir, Thanks for work on this sweet UI. I do have one question though. Is there anyway to move the borders for the two bottom chat outlines and the one in the middle where the spells buttons go? When I load the UI they are partially of the screen. I've tried different screen sizes but that d...
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Originally posted by matthewmw64...
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Originally posted by matthewmw64 Hi Daedhir, I'm quite enjoying this shiny new UI, but I have a minor problem. Is there any option on one of the mods to turn on Visible Combo Points? Real irritating that I can only seem to have the floating ones that pop up. Thanks for the Ui anyway :) -Matt Yeah, sorry, that was an oversi...
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Re: UI Problems
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Originally posted by carverbain The UI did reload, but the UI was still all jumbled and a mess afterwards. Please upload a screenshot to photobucket or imageshack, and I'll have a look.
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Re: Couldn't get it to work.
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Originally posted by carverbain I tried to install this UI last night. Unfotunately, I could not get it to work. I have my resolution set to 1440x900. And the string /reflux switch Default didn't work. Can someone help with this? Did anything happen when you did this? Did the UI reload at all, or did nothing happen?
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Re: Castbar
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Originally posted by jankir How do you move the cast bar? It's in the Quartz options.
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Originally posted by marks76 This...
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Originally posted by marks76 This looks great but when i log in i see a big green movable box on my screen and can't seem to find what it is for. Any clues? yes, that's FacadeBuffs. This us described in the config.txt file. You get rid of the box by moving it and locking the bars in the FacadeBuffs configuration.
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Originally posted by Albtraum I'd...
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Originally posted by Albtraum I'd love for someone to make this thing for a 1280x1024 screen. =/ other than that, it's working fine. Please, feel free to do so. :p
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Originally posted by VincentSDSH...
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Originally posted by VincentSDSH They changed a lot of the function signatures, such as the dropdown menus, and they now require the object to be the first parameter, so now... OLD: UIDropDownMenu_SetWidth(100, this); NEW: UIDropDownMenu_SetWidth(this, 100); I made these changes and haven't gotten any additional errors in...