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File: Grid02-12-18
swap "horizontal groups" set up by lua script
Posted By: samvx
swap "horizontal groups" set up by Lua script?
File: Raven09-10-16
hello .. anyone knows how to set s...
Posted By: samvx
hello .. anyone knows how to set show bigger icons when debuff damage is high. I mean, priorize dangerous debuffs at first
File: _NPCScan.Overlay09-05-16
Posted By: samvx
first at all, thank you very much... awsome update.. some bugs to be fixed but ..incrtedible update...thanks again
File: Button Forge08-28-16
who knows how to share position bar...
Posted By: samvx
who knows how to share position bar among all chars?....
File: Grid08-27-16
http://i.imgur.com/OXCLdHA.png w...
Posted By: samvx
http://i.imgur.com/OXCLdHA.png when I assign unitname status to icon, this shows rotated
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 7.008-26-16
Agree You rock!!!!! Thanks for wor...
Posted By: samvx
Agree You rock!!!!! Thanks for working on this. Buttttttt I downloaded the file and the frames still arent showing for the DK. Did they show up for your dk's samvx or gwyd? works like a charm btw, any chance to add abrsorb and prediction heal overlay? or any idea?
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 7.008-20-16
I've just uploaded a new version th...
Posted By: samvx
I've just uploaded a new version that fixes the runebar issue. On initial load, blizzard says the number of runes available to the DK is 0 instead of 6 so I can use their count and am just hard coding to 6. thats was very quickly... really appreciate it... thank you very much
File: Grid08-18-16
Love the addon, I've used it and co...
Posted By: samvx
Love the addon, I've used it and continue to use it for all my chars. any chance or posibility to a border as did "SexyGrid"? thans you in advance Edit: 08-18-16 (solved) nvm I have figured out how to at Grid/Frame.lua line 148 add this CreateBorder(frame, 12, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2) at Grid/Indicator/Borde...
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 7.008-17-16
error for dks
Posted By: samvx
5x oUF\elements\runebar.lua:151: attempt to index local 'rune' (a nil value) oUF\elements\runebar.lua:151: in function 'enable' oUF\ouf-1.6.8.lua:124: in function 'EnableElement' oUF\ouf-1.6.8.lua:295: in function (tail call): ? oUF\ouf-1.6.8.lua:587: in function 'Spawn' oUF_Hank\hank.lua:1522: in main chunk...
File: Evil Class Colors08-16-16
Does not work for me, i even disabl...
Posted By: samvx
Does not work for me, i even disable all addons except this one and nothing happens. same here
File: Instance Profit Tracker08-05-16
nice...thanks you..Iwas looking for...
Posted By: samvx
nice...thanks you..Iwas looking for some stuuf like this... I'll try it. Btw, what its your private and main tank frame? which addon do you have? A suggestion, make it works with data broker like chocolate bar or bazooka...ty in advance
File: Dugi Questing Essential08-01-16
Request Gear Advisor Feature
Posted By: samvx
Hi, awesome work. Any posibility for a "Gear Advisor Feature" stanalone version?
File: Binds When?07-29-16
Conflict with other addon
Posted By: samvx
Hi Phanx tyvm for all your work. it seems there is a conflict with an addon (Caerdon Wardrobe) using the same text , but removes on the rings, necks, trinckets or other unused in xmog
File: !SyLevel07-25-16
Re: Legion quick fix!
Posted By: samvx
Do like ceylina said... Edit line 40 in SyLevel\pipes\tradeskill.lua to... local id = C_TradeSkillUI.GetTradeSkillLine() ...then delete old libaray... SyLevel\libs\LibItemUpgradeInfo-1.0 Install update version found here. http://www.wowace.com/addons/libitemupgradeinfo-1-0/ good to go! :banana: works like a charm......
File: Swindler Preventer07-24-16
I'm sorry I didn't get around to pa...
Posted By: samvx
I'm sorry I didn't get around to patching this. In all honesty, I forgot about it. I have no real desire to ever play WoW again, and if I do, it probably won't be any time soon. I miss the coding aspect and working on the addon itself, but I really don't want to go anywhere near WoW as far as reinstalling and resubscribing just...
File: Kungaloosh07-24-16
Legion update?
Posted By: samvx
Hello, any plan for a update at Legion xpac? Edit: Change 80 by 100 at line 60, like this: if threat and threat > (self:GetMinThreat() * 100) then
File: !SyLevel07-21-16
Any change to get an update for leg...
Posted By: samvx
Any change to get an update for legion? :P I really hope so ... A suggestion ... look this improve BoE or BoP text
File: Toaster07-14-16
Scale option?
Posted By: samvx
hello !! nice work.... any one knows how to scale it? I eman, which line to use SetScale()
File: EventAlert06-21-16
Legion update? some ideas
Posted By: samvx
Hello CurtisTheGreat thanks for your work, i love it this addon! 1. Have you tested it on Legion? (some one did it?) -- 2. I have some ideas to visual options: 2.1 Glow proc animation (image example) http://media-curse.cursecdn.com/attachments/74/487/d8952a673d7b3ee83d7f862ba8dc16f6.jpg 2.2 Set timer into the icon ,...
File: Sexy Grid06-20-16
seems a necro post .. but itīs wor...
Posted By: samvx
seems a necro post .. but itīs working to anyone anymore? even with .lua modification
File: rTargetPointer06-18-16
@Snichy Of course. The ring is par...
Posted By: samvx
@Snichy Of course. The ring is part of the arrow texture. If the ring would be transparent only the arrow would be visible. Download version 60000.02. Use this config setting local cfg = {} cfg.arrowSize = 256 cfg.arrowTexture = "pointer2" cfg.arrowColor = {1,0.5,0,0.9} -- r,g,b,a cfg.arrowBlen...
File: Crosshairs06-18-16
Making it work for your focus targe...
Posted By: samvx
Making it work for your focus target or only friendly or hostile units would require rewriting a significant portion of the addon and I don't have time to design and integrate a configuration panel into it for people to switch between options. Sound awesome those config options.... maybe this year going to happen?
File: SilverUI 206-18-16
Posted By: samvx
hello...awesome UI... I have trying adjust to me.... but anyone knows or any news for this...seems abandoned maybe?
File: Grid06-10-16
Pet frame size
Posted By: samvx
Hi everyone... 1. anyone knows how to change height only to pets? 2. change "unit space" vertical and horizontal separatelly, its possible? Edit: Any suggestion for pets frame heigh?.
File: Doom_CooldownPulse06-05-16
Posted By: samvx