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File: Bartender408-10-09
Changing active talent
Posted By: krka
When changing active talent, the blizzard runs MainMenuBar_ToPlayerArt which in turn calls MainMenuBar:Show(), which makes my UI really ugly. I think Bartender should trigger on ACTIVE_TALENT_GROUP_CHANGED or hook MainMenuBar_ToPlayerArt to clean up the changes that the blizzard code performs.
File: Quip08-09-09
Originally posted by Okerhs Very...
Posted By: krka
Originally posted by Okerhs Very nice little addon, except for the fact that with this installed it prevents RatingBuster from showing its information in the tooltip! Confirmed bug. I think I fixed it in Quip 0.5. Please try it and see if it helps.
File: Quip08-05-09
Originally posted by SpyridonZ I...
Posted By: krka
Originally posted by SpyridonZ I downloaded the update today now that 3.2 dropped and the new version does not work. Ironically, the "normal" tooltips when you point at an item do not list what set it is in.... BUT in the "equip compare" tooltip it DOES show which set. I disabled all my other addons and tried again, and the...
File: Quip07-28-09
Re: Color
Posted By: krka
Originally posted by miros Any plans to add a color changing feature? BTW, great idea, this has been needed since the Eq. Manager was implemented. Yes, I have loose plans for color changing. This is the first beta release, and I just hacked together it all last evening, so everything is not planned out yet. At the moment I...
File: IllegalAddon07-11-07
Please make this an ACE addon. You...
Posted By: krka
Please make this an ACE addon. You can really make it more efficient and save memory by using the shared codebase!
File: For All Indents And Purposes02-22-07
Originally posted by dracula Nice...
Posted By: krka
Originally posted by dracula Nice idea, but it's entirely impossible to paste multi-line code into a LuaSlinger editbox with this addon active. Probably because it keeps changing and highlighting the code while it is still being added, and that heavily truncates the pasted code. Revision 17 is currently pending, and it should f...
File: For All Indents And Purposes04-26-06
Posted By: krka
Thanks for all the friendly feedback! Undo-button is a good idea, but i think that's something should be handled by the editor (i.e. provide the proper undo button to click and stuff). FuncBook has been added, as you can see.