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File: Auctioneer11-02-12
Does anybody monitor and reply to these comments?
Posted By: Kreelor
As of today's date, Nov 2, 2012, the last reply to anyone's comment was last April. Does anybody monitor and reply to these comments? Is there a more recommended way of getting answers than posting here, and wondering if and when someone will or might reply? Thanks for any appropriate replies I might receive to both this pos...
File: Auctioneer10-31-12
Mouseing-over items in AH will not lose its focus. Why?
Posted By: Kreelor
When I mouse-over any item (icon) while in the AH, the 'pop-up' picture of that item will not relinquish its focus? Sometimes, I can move my cursor way off the Auctioneer screen, and only then will the focus release the 'pop-up,' --- but, even that doesn't always work. I've had the 'pop-up' stay with my char even after quitting Aucti...
File: LightHeaded11-22-09
Coordinate links in Comments area no longer work
Posted By: Kreelor
The user-submitted Coordinate links in the Comments area no longer work. I used to be able to click on the (blue) coordinates and it would then add a line "path" from my current location to the coordinates location. (I use the Carboniteaddon, and its map has always displayed Lightheaded coordinates properly). How do it get it t...
File: ArtPad08-11-09
Pre-drawn layouts - in .jpg format?
Posted By: Kreelor
Very interested in knowing whether or not your addon (or another addon) could allow users to: -- create artwork offline and save the artwork in a graphics format that WoW will accept. Maybe .jpg? -- pop that graphic onto the screen so that party members (who have the addon) can all see the graphic (instantly). -- enable user...
File: DoubleWide08-04-09
Re: wont work wtih 3.2
Posted By: Kreelor
Originally posted by nanrector Well definitely wont work with 3.2 dang. Amen to that! Mine has a 'column' (it's blank/invisible) right in the middle of it about 1/2" wide. Until it's fixed, I'll have to delete that addon (which I've used for years!). What a shame.
File: Bartender309-16-08
Originally posted by Therigwin An...
Posted By: Kreelor
Originally posted by Therigwin Anyone know how to get a hold of the author for wotlk stuff in Bartender 4? I posted over at wowace, but haven't heard anything yet. I came to this web site (wowinterface) for the same reason. Also, I noticed that the thread about Bartender3 had no newer posts than Nov 2006... that's almost 3 y...