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File: Getting Things Healed10-04-12
I may update it eventually. I don't...
Posted By: Dagma
I may update it eventually. I don't use it any longer, so it's not a priority. Similar story for my DK runes addon. Feel free to use the code as you like. If you will not update this addon, please give me a feedback. I am intressting to update them and migrating to curseforge. Please give a feedback, thanks. Tarantulas
File: Getting Things Healed12-20-11
When the Broadcast button disappear...
Posted By: Dagma
When the Broadcast button disappears, does the text command still work? That is, does: /gth broadcast still function? Going to be until the weekend before I'm at Ultraxion again, so if you get a chance to test this before then, much appreciated. That would be much appreciated Dagma :) The problem with 4.3 is that after s...
File: Getting Things Healed12-17-11
Re: Basic Update
Posted By: Dagma
I'm not using the addon myself, so wasn't aware anything broke in 4.3. If the changes are not complicated, I might find time to do it. Hey Dagma, any chance of a basic bug fix update for 4.3? :banana::banana:
File: Runevolution07-09-11
Update for game version 4.2
Posted By: Dagma
I just uploaded a minor update to bring Runevolution current with game version 4.2 (Firelands). I haven't been playing my DK this expansion, so I haven't done any testing outside of beating on a practice dummy. But seems like everything still works, although the default procs to monitor are very much out of date...Darkmoon Card:Great...
File: Getting Things Healed02-03-11
Re: Class Icons
Posted By: Dagma
Talent scanning does not work. I disabled it in the code, back when inspect was changed on Blizzard's end. Since I'm not actively using nor coding this addon, it's never been fixed. Originally posted by Kimster First off love this addon it has made reporting assignments neat, orderly and quick Its not a big deal but is anyone e...
File: Getting Things Healed11-12-10
Originally posted by Nemesisx v2....
Posted By: Dagma
Originally posted by Nemesisx v2.5.2. works fine so far, but for some reason the /w heal! function doesn't work anymore :( Keep up the good work :) Thanks for the heads up. I'll see if I can get a fix soon. UPDATE: Version 2.5.3 fixes this whisper bug. Thanks again for reporting it.
File: Getting Things Healed11-10-10
Re: Re: Re: 2.5.2
Posted By: Dagma
But there is no lua error? Do you have error reporting turned off? Afraid I can't do much else for you, without more information. Maybe try removing your WTF folder. Just move it the desktop, then launch WoW. If that fixes it, then there is some deep corruption of your saved variables. If not, maybe the addon files themselves are...
File: Getting Things Healed11-07-10
Re: 2.5.2
Posted By: Dagma
With only that info, all I can guess is that your saved variables are corrupt. Try typing: /gth reset on the command line. Originally posted by Doll 2.5.2 version worked for me for a while then stopped working couple days ago. As of that moment I am unable to even open it at all
File: Light Meter11-04-10
The issue is that you don't have a...
Posted By: Dagma
The issue is that you don't have a mana potion in your inventory, I think. Should be fixed in the next update. Originally posted by servi I see U updated it but still i got errors as druid Here is what i get: Message: Interface\AddOns\LightMeter\LightMeter.lua:1248: bad argument #1 to 'find' (string expected, got nil) Time: 1...
File: Light Meter10-30-10
It has worked, in limited ways, wit...
Posted By: Dagma
It has worked, in limited ways, with the other healing classes for some time now. Give it a try. Originally posted by servi I wish U could make this addon for all healers since Visualheal isnt updated :(
File: SimpleHUD10-23-10
Originally posted by jkasquires G...
Posted By: Dagma
Originally posted by jkasquires Get the following error on my 73 Druid: Message: Interface\AddOns\SimpleHUD\SimpleHUD.lua:394: Cannot find a library instance of Waterfall-1.0. You have a library conflict of some kind. I can't fix that. Only you can fix that, by finding which other addon is blocking Waterfall from loading right.
File: Getting Things Healed10-23-10
I believe that bug is fixed in the...
Posted By: Dagma
I believe that bug is fixed in the latest release. You can also just reload your UI to fix it, because the bug arises from the client not returning the zone text correctly, on first load. Originally posted by gilroykilroy 2.5.1 gives me lua errors and when that happens I see no items along the lower bottom (i.e. the action buttons...
File: Getting Things Healed10-16-10
Re: Re: Re: Possible fix to ver 2.5.0
Posted By: Dagma
Originally posted by Sunhead Would to be easier to read the Role status to get the list of Tanks and Healers than to do Talent checking? Yeah, I might just use the role API. I wrote down the relevant functions earlier today. Coding time is unpredictable, but it might be an easy fix, once I do get time to play around.
File: Getting Things Healed10-16-10
Re: Possible fix to ver 2.5.0
Posted By: Dagma
Version 2.5.1 repairs loading/saving of presets, as far as I can tell. I've turned off talent scanning for now. Hopefully that didn't break anything else. At some point, auto-detection of roles will return.
File: Getting Things Healed10-14-10
I did a little playing with this to...
Posted By: Dagma
I did a little playing with this tonight. Yeah, talent inspecting seems very broken. With work, I'm sure it can be fixed. I just have neither time nor incentive to work on this. I don't use the addon myself, anymore. So no ETA for a fix.
File: Getting Things Healed10-13-10
Version 2.5.0 appears to work with...
Posted By: Dagma
Version 2.5.0 appears to work with 4.0.1, although I haven't really tested it in a serious way. I just completed the standard code changes that are needed for all addons, now. So if it explodes, you know why. But hopefully it'll be useable.
File: Runevolution09-21-10
Re: Re: Game Plan
Posted By: Dagma
Originally posted by Darkedge Is this addon still in development? There is a version that works in beta/ptr. Search for it on this site. That said, with the way the new rune system works, this isn't a particularly good way to track runes anymore, I don't think. So unless I can figure out a way to salvage the style, I'll likely...
File: Light Meter06-05-10
Re: Pitbull4 integration
Posted By: Dagma
Cool stuff, Lurgllgluh. Thanks for posting the patch. Once beta begins in earnest, I'll be updating Light Meter, I expect. In the meantime, feel free to fork the code off in any direction you like.
File: Runevolution05-15-10
Game Plan
Posted By: Dagma
Just a note about where Runevolution is at in development. I'm waiting for the new rune system. I'll update the addon for the new rune system, and hopefully fix some lingering issues at the same time.
File: Runevolution05-08-10
No. Sounds like you want any of the...
Posted By: Dagma
No. Sounds like you want any of the other dozen rune addons, that just imitate Blizzard's default rune tracking behavior. Originally posted by ffcloud2000 Would you be able to add an option to lock the runes from changing where they are located.. like.. if i set it up as B B F F U U.. and i use the runes they stay in the same plac...
File: Runevolution04-21-10
To toggle buffs on/off, make sure y...
Posted By: Dagma
To toggle buffs on/off, make sure you are in custom mode, then go into configuration mode and shift-click on buffs to toggle. There are on screen instructions that say the same thing. If you want to turn the runes off, then you don't want to use this addon, honestly. Just get TellMeWhen for procs and buffs. Originally posted by K...
File: Runevolution04-21-10
Looks like corrupted settings. Try...
Posted By: Dagma
Looks like corrupted settings. Try deleting the saved settings for it in your WTF folder. Originally posted by Alexsere This happens the second time i log in from when i install it. The first time is fine.
File: Runevolution04-14-10
Thanks for the vid. I'm not likely...
Posted By: Dagma
Thanks for the vid. I'm not likely to get to this until the weekend, at earliest, but I've seen it and it's on my radar. Originally posted by DiDi Hey, thanks for the fast reply. I made a video for you to see the thing I mean. Runevolution Test As you can see the Cooldown-Runes move diagonal up to the center before finishing...
File: Runevolution04-13-10
Re: Rune cooldown to Anchor?
Posted By: Dagma
I haven't seen that bug before. Actually, I haven't understood yet what the runes are doing, to be honest. Can you try explaining again, or maybe link to a movie of the problem? I'm going to have to rewrite this thing quite a lot for the DK rune changes that coming with Cataclysm. So if we can figure out what the problem is here,...
File: Runevolution04-04-10
Re: I love this addon
Posted By: Dagma
Yeah, the buff list is way behind the state of the game. A couple of short term solutions: (1) If you are willing to edit the Runevolution.lua file, you can add and remove buffs from the addon yourself. Search for the "RunevolutionDiseaseList" list near the top of the file. Modify those entries, and you can add anything. (2) Wh...