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File: FlyoutButton Custom03-26-18
Re: Neuron support possible?
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Any chance this could be made to work Neuron (Formerly Macaroon). It's the 3rd most popular bar addon and amazingly customizable. The only thing it's lacking is a good flyout system (it has its own but it's buggy as heck). Thank you kindly. Addon not in active development phase. If you want you can try to modify it slightly for N...
File: TinyExtraBars02-10-18
Re: Button Range Coloring
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Hey, Love this addon it is great! I have just one thing i'm wondering about in the Range Coloring settings, i read in the comments before that you added ArtworkLayer. But i'm using tullaRange on my actionbar and it is not the same range color even if i tried changing the values in Button.LUA. Is this something you can consi...
File: NoTaint UIDropDownMenu09-03-17
Furthermore, I am planning to clone...
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Furthermore, I am planning to clone the NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu to another one and change the prefix Lib / LIB to other one. There are too many addons using the old lib, and I am receiving more and more complain saying my addons have problem. I feel it would be easier to start with a new lib. I never thought workaround will live for...
File: NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu_Update04-16-17
I added arith to members of "NoTain...
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I added arith to members of "NoTaint UIDropDownMenu" on Curse and WoWInterface. I can add both of you if you want. For me even old code works in TinyExtraBars so I don't care too much about recent changes.
File: NoTaint UIDropDownMenu01-15-17
I updated this library with code ch...
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I updated this library with code changes made to the default UIDropDownMenu code. A commit with the changes can be seen here: http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/commit/b8a5f538f65372f87aab1e3d3f98534d31c3a9dc Nice. There are actually several things like DropDownMenu changed to avoid taint due to shared frames. Glow, PanelTemplates an...
File: TinyExtraBars11-05-16
Latest 1.36 don`t work as should....
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Latest 1.36 don`t work as should. Sometimes can not click on some buttons. I put trinket there to activate when need burst but can`t click on icon always when you want. :( I'll check with trinkets, but I've seen issues after last minor patches when your character incapacitated/feared but there is no visual effects on my bars and on...
File: TinyExtraBars10-25-16
Hi, When I change the button si...
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Hi, When I change the button size, it doesn't seem to update the sizes? Dragging the size changes the spacing instead, and the buttons stay the same size and just overlap each other. To show what I mean: If you notice in the picture, the button size slider is down to the minimum and the spacing is maxed, but the buttons ar...
File: AltsMail10-21-16
Re: How do You Move AtsMail Window?
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How do you move the AltsMail window that pops up when you open a mailbox? I have been unable to do so even with the addon MoveAnything (mainly due to the fact that I can't figure out what the window is called). Thank you in advance. It is the same window as ordinal mail. Try /framestack in chat to see frame's names.
File: TinyExtraBars08-12-16
Re: onmouseover visibility
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I could only show onmouseover? show; hide <-- This does not work for me Never tried that. Tried something similar long ago and there were no events for hidden frame.
File: TinyExtraBars07-04-15
Re: Move the macros around ?
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Hey, i have made some bars, but i would really like if it was possible to move the macros around you make with the "MacroText", or if it is possible i have not found a way at least. Yes, I never did that. Only presets can copy that from one alt to another. Maybe later.
File: FlyoutButton Custom07-04-15
Re: FBC in 6.2
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Hi there, I saw that TinyExtraBars has been fixed for Mounts, is there any chance of a Mount fix for FBC? Thanks. Hm, it works for me. I dragged mounts from MountJournal and it works. You however cannot pickup mounts from FBC buttons due to WoW API turns spell and ID into old style mount index (completely broken by Blizzard).
File: TradeSkillDW05-11-15
Re: Error when used with MayronUI
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Hi, I've been using your addon alongside MayronUI for a while now, and haven't had any problems until recently. The tradeskill window is all over the place (scroll bars out of place, buttons missing, text overflowing outside the window, to name a few), if it is the only window open. If I open a second window (ie the character spel...
File: MayronUI Gen505-11-15
EDIT: I've uploaded to Curse versio...
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EDIT: I've uploaded to Curse version which attempts at trying to fix this issue by supporting TradeSkillDW for reskinning. One issue I could not fix however was a Lua error which that AddOn causes by itself when you try rescaling the size of the trade skill frame with the drag button to a very small size. Most likely error h...
File: TradeSkillDW03-28-15
Small oddity: When I attempt to...
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Small oddity: When I attempt to queue an item I don't have enough vendor reagents for yet, it queues an entirely different item. Specifically, I tried to queue 10 Rustic Workman's Shirt with no yellow dyes in my bags, and it kept queueing 10 Hyjal Expedition Bags. Probably you queue it while tradeskill list is filtered.
File: FlyoutButton Custom02-27-15
Ran into the following error after...
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Ran into the following error after logging in to 6.1 today. If you replace TogglePetJournal with ToggleCollectionsJournal on line 739 of FlyoutButtonCustom.lua the error will go away and you will be able to add items to the buttons again. Uploaded with that fix and toc updated.
File: TradeSkillDW10-29-14
No other trade skill addons install...
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No other trade skill addons installed, but i can give you a list: ... Wow, many. Something hiding/removing those texture, maybe ElvUI. I don't want even searching what exactly. It can be fixed by adding check in lines 88 and 96 for TradeSkillHorizontalBarRight like if TradeSkillHorizontalBarRight then TradeSkillHorizonta...
File: TradeSkillDW10-23-14
I always get this error as soon as...
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I always get this error as soon as i open may tradeskill window. Any other tradeskill addons installed?
File: TradeSkillDW10-19-14
I got this version familiar error i...
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I got this version familiar error in toc version 1.96: Date: 2014-10-19 01:06:29 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\TradeSkillDW\tsdw.lua line 88: attempt to index upvalue 'TradeSkillHorizontalBarRight' (a nil value) Very strange error. But I can't reproduce it.
File: TradeSkillDW10-19-14
19x :2: bad argument #2 to 'format'...
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19x :2: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) : in function `format' :2: in function <:1> Locals: self = TradeSkillSkill11NumSkillUps ... TradeSkillSkill11NumSkillUps is part of Blizzard TradeSkill UI. Error probably on Blizzard's side. TradeSkillDW simply shows more lines as is.
File: FlyoutButton Custom10-17-14
Would it be possible to add an opti...
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Would it be possible to add an option to hide the macro text thing on the buttons. I'd like to second this request. I have no text when button is exactly made as "Macrotext" (small yellow button on each button). I'm using such stuff for some "openers" like /startattack /cast Howling Blast with filled "spell" field as "Howl...
File: TinyExtraBars10-15-14
v1.18 uploaded
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For now only toc changed for WoD. Should be a problem (probably) if you used battle pets with TinyExtraBars buttons or problems to put mounts on buttons.
File: FlyoutButton Custom08-22-14
would it be possible to add an opti...
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would it be possible to add an option to hide the macro text thing on the buttons. Also. if there could be a way to lock macros made to not move when you go to edit macros when adding or deleting them. it shifts all of them and end up having to re- rearrange them. It would be very nice, and thank you over all for the addon. it has...
File: TinyExtraBars08-09-14
Re: Button size
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I am trying this addon in WoD, and noticed that Button size slider change the size of all buttons at once. Is it possible to set individual button size for each bar? And another issue is related to hunter aspects. TinyextraBar doesn't show activated icon on aspect button, the button looks regular like aspect is not active. It is mi...
File: FlyoutButton Custom06-22-14
Re: What does this option do?
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"Unique, Only 1 list visible". I've clicked it on and off and nothing seems to change. I think last time anyone checked this stuff during start of Cata. Non unique suppose to let you see many button lists open but that can be nightmare closing them, so I really checked that loooong time ago.
File: TradeSkillDW06-22-14
Not really a bug but something anno...
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Not really a bug but something annoying nonetheless... You might even call it nitpicking! Anyway no better way to show this than with a picture. You will notice a weird line is present (marked with a red ellipsis) where it shouldn't be. This started happening on versions 1.92 onwards. Version 1.91 and before that didn't have any prob...