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File: Titan Panel04-22-18
Alpha/Beta Errors
Posted By: HonorGoG
Hello everyone, Reports are starting to roll in that Titan Panel is non-operational in Alpha. I am currently not participating in the Alpha due to an extensive increase in my work schedule this year. Once I get past Monday's premiere event and the release on Friday, I will have some free time to begin to investigate the problems b...
File: Titan Panel04-22-18
Xrystal: Thank you for your report...
Posted By: HonorGoG
Xrystal: Thank you for your report and for filing those errors. I take a look at them when I get a chance.
File: Titan Panel01-02-18
You are still tainting stuff from t...
Posted By: HonorGoG
You are still tainting stuff from the TitanMovable.lua. You should try to override the SetPoint calls securely like this... Thanks for tracking these down, Resike. I'm finishing up my new Hackintosh development system this week for the new year. It means I will be able to debug while WoW is running on the same machine. Th...
File: Titan Panel08-30-17
Yep. I'll tackle that this afterno...
Posted By: HonorGoG
Yep. I'll tackle that this afternoon when I get home from work.
File: LibUIDropDownMenu05-31-17
Titan Panel Inclusion
Posted By: HonorGoG
Titan Panel will be using this library moving forward. I'm getting hammered by complaints about incompatible library references within NoTaint and there is little I can do except something radical like this. I just need to make it easy for the plugin authors that will need to migrate so I will be including your readme file over on...
File: Atlas Wrath of the Lich King03-31-17
Incorrect Link
Posted By: HonorGoG
This is once again Warlords of Draenor instead of Wrath of the Lich King.
File: QuestGuru12-10-16
Posted By: HonorGoG
So what is everyone using as a tracker now? Seems kaliels-tracker is now defunct.
File: Titan Panel01-22-16
What kind of data you are looking f...
Posted By: HonorGoG
What kind of data you are looking for? In the ingame UI I can see that raid size and raid difficulty are set separately. 10/25 size and Normal/Heroic/Mythic difficulty. I'm asking because last time I tried to set raid mode to 25hc using TitanLoot I ended entering Onyxia 10. I think this latest update properly handles the changes...
File: Titan Panel10-09-15
I'm wondering, if you are planning...
Posted By: HonorGoG
I'm wondering, if you are planning to fix raid size/difficulty switch any time soon? There's no longer a 10/25 Normal/Heroic only raids, and Legacy raids size is set separately. Being someone who never raids, I have no idea what the current configuration is. So there are no longer 10 or 25 player Normal/Heroic raids anymore? I...
File: Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA)03-12-15
I've been hoping someone would make...
Posted By: HonorGoG
I've been hoping someone would make one of these. Saves me having to do it. I can help plug some of the data holes as I have a Forge and a War Mill. I'll test those tonight.
File: QuestGuru02-11-15
For those that are disgrunted with...
Posted By: HonorGoG
For those that are disgrunted with my work (mainly from comments on Curse), I just uploaded a new version, 2.3.07. Not working fully as I wanted (traacker part, but files are there) but I am really tired of some people mouthing off. I do the best I can. As I said below "Try walk in my shoes" and think before you make hurtful comment...
File: Titan Panel12-18-14
Yep, the WorldMap_ToggleSizeUp() ca...
Posted By: HonorGoG
Yep, the WorldMap_ToggleSizeUp() call worked. You will always see the large map display with a left-click on the button now. Also, the default size chosen by "m" will not change so that's a side benefit. Thanks for finding and reporting this problem. :) ArnDaemon gets post 666. Perfect.
File: Titan Panel12-17-14
Sorry, just realized I was not very...
Posted By: HonorGoG
Sorry, just realized I was not very clear in my post. When you have map (default "M" key) fullscreen, and quest tracker (default "U" key, if I'm not mistaken) windowed, the issue is more apparent. Hmm, that's an interesting one. All TitanLocation is doing is a ToggleFrame(WorldMapFrame) call. If the frame is in "questLogOpen" m...
File: Titan Panel12-16-14
The click on Titan Location coordin...
Posted By: HonorGoG
The click on Titan Location coordinate block on Titan panel mistakenly open a quest tracker instead of world map. I'll look into it.
File: WoW Scribe11-18-14
Love This...
Posted By: HonorGoG
Very handy for my addled brain.
File: TipTac10-26-14
TitanGold / TipTac Interaction
Posted By: HonorGoG
Hello everyone, Over on Curse, a couple of people have mentioned the following. Does anyone have any idea how to prevent the issue they are seeing? I haven't changed anything in TitanGold so I'm not sure why the issue has appeared. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Hey, I'm having the gold tooltip bug aswell, so I t...
File: Critline10-20-14
It's Moved...
Posted By: HonorGoG
I found an update for 6.0.2 over on Curse.
File: Advanced TradeSkill Window Levels (plugin)10-20-14
Re: i too miss ATSW =[
Posted By: HonorGoG
Well, I've been working hard since last time i changed this addon. ATSW seems gone for good : Hello YammY, Yes, it looks like ATSW is officially dead. As such, I will be removing it from my system this evening. I lack the time to adopt ATSW and there is another alternative out there that will do the same thing (Skillet) so...
File: QuestGuru10-15-14
Re: Re: Welcome the New QuestGuru Author - Lazare69
Posted By: HonorGoG
Quick thanks to Lazzy for picking this one up as you have saved me from many hours of work whether you realize it or not. I'd hate to have to add another one as with my current list, I'm quite busy already. My rules for adoption are simple: Do I still use the addon? Is there no replacement addon available? Is the addon a major...
File: Titan Panel10-14-14
Re: Update for Patch 6.02
Posted By: HonorGoG
Is there going to be an update for patch 6.02? Yes once I return from my business trip this coming weekend. Aren't I the lucky one to have a patch released during one of only two weeks I'm away each year?
File: Titan Panel10-31-13
Curious enough, TitanGold uses both...
Posted By: HonorGoG
Curious enough, TitanGold uses both GetCVar("realmName") and GetRealmName() calls. But overall, Titan plugins calling GetRealmName() in way too many places. Need heavy overhaul. No any other plugin, that deal with realm name, calling GetRealmName() more than once per session. I checked on this and found the following in our pack...
File: QuestGuru10-31-13
Re: Achieve Tracker Issues
Posted By: HonorGoG
Hey all, I still don't have that problem fixed because I am not having the issue. Anybody willing to help me isolate the error? You'd have to be comfortable editing the LUA code. Let me know. Yes, shame on Blizzard for making a major change in a simple patch. Not only screwing up OnShow but also dropping a console variable...
File: QuestGuru10-30-13
IsDisabledByParentalControls Taint
Posted By: HonorGoG
As I've mentioned before, I love this addon. Blizzard changed some API functions for the 5.4.1 patch yesterday and besides blowing up a bunch of addons (including Titan Panel I might add), they appear to have modified the UpdateMicroButtons() call as well. This is something that the QuestLog_OnShow() uses which is part of the Blizz...
File: Titan Panel10-13-13
Doesn't sound like it is done. You...
Posted By: HonorGoG
Doesn't sound like it is done. You still embed AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets addon instead of library. Means... nested forlders. Actually, that's the way that library is written. Those are actually "widgets" but rather than being in a "widgets" folder, they duplicated the library name. Weird.
File: Titan Panel [Itemized Deductions]09-17-13
Posted By: HonorGoG
Thanks for the update. One of my favorite plugins. Supporting plugin authors is one the main reasons why I continue to update Titan Panel.