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File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)11-01-09
warlock conflagrate
Posted By: scollinsgt
How do you get conflagrate to work properly? It is a cooldown ability and a reactive-ish ability (target has to have immolate debuff or shadowflame debuff). I added some quick code to fix this. I made some additions here. function TellMeWhen_Icon_ReactiveCheck(icon) local usable, nomana = IsUsableSpell(TellMeWhen_GetSpellName...
File: MikScrollingBattleText06-17-08
Renew fade - but only for my heal or even just faction
Posted By: scollinsgt
First off, THANK you so much for this amazing mod. My question is, I am trying to set a trigger that fires when my renew fades from any target that I apply my renew too. The way I currently have it, when renew fades, every renew fade causes it to fire. Meaning, even a horde renew fading causes the trigger to fire (i play alli...