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File: EavesDrop10-22-08
Bloodthirsty bug?
Posted By: Skorpion9x
I'm having an issue with Eavesdrop on my hunter - an error which pops up a lot when my pet attacks. I've determined that the error is caused when my pet's Bloodthirsty talent procs. The error is: "\Interface\AddOns\EavesDrop\EavesDrop.lua: 590: bad argument #3 to 'string_format' (string expected, got nil)" Bloodthirsty has at leas...
File: AfterCast06-19-08
Posted By: Skorpion9x
http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/6594/wowscrnshot061908200032fk3.jpg Is there any way to stop this spam from happening? This is using spells that have no /aftercast macro associated with them.