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File: Grizzly Shared Media06-21-08
whats good
Posted By: Sadictice
nice addon!:banana: is there a way for me to add fonts to it? I tried just dropping them in the font folder in the addon but they didn't show up on pitbull's font list.
File: NPC Silencer German06-20-08
Posted By: Sadictice
Seriously we need to silence the guy yelling about fruit vendor. I'm going to start compiling a list of horde npc's I notice while I'm leveling my new character and I'll send it when I feel it's complete. By the way your english isn't that bad, I understood everything easily. :D
File: Shadowtrance06-20-08
Posted By: Sadictice
Sound works great. No auras. Please make it work for USclient.