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File: GupCharacter03-30-10
Love this addon....
Posted By: bluezmansc
But.. Neither Collectionator nor Pawn integrate with the character sheet after it's installed. :( Collectionator has a scan button on the Companions sheet, Pawn places a button on the front page. Not saying it's the addons fault, just throwing it out there. I've posted tickets for both addons but wanted to let you know as well....
File: Broker_Everything11-24-09
Memory usage question
Posted By: bluezmansc
Will this use less memory than the comparable Titan Panel plugins? Just curious. Thanks!
File: QuestHelper09-24-09
Re: Re: An added note..
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Originally posted by ailurus Arrrr, ye got to it before me. Indeed, QH is broken with pretty much any type of map mod, it seems. Mapster hasn't been updated recently, QH has, and this only started happening recently. It's QH's problem, no doubt. Also with Mapster (don't know about Cart), zooming out to the "world select" part of...
File: QuestHelper09-23-09
An added note..
Posted By: bluezmansc
Just to let everyone know, the same thing is happening with Mapster. I thought I would try it out though I prefer the QH/Cart combo.