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File: HealBot Continued01-06-10
Re: Issue with sacred shield
Posted By: Saracor
Originally posted by PatoDaia Hiya. I've noticed with a paladin character that sacred shield icon does not show the correct finish timer in the healbot bar... For example, I cast it over a player, and some seconds after it shows 5 seconds remaining, when really it has 25... When the countdown reachs zero, remaining 20 seconds fo...
File: OneBank312-25-08
Key Binding
Posted By: Saracor
How can I get this bound to a key? It used to have a position in the default keybindings window but I don't see one any more. More to the point...will it bring up the bank cache when I'm not at the bank, that's more what I want to be able to do.
File: MetzRemix10-25-08
Chat window
Posted By: Saracor
Excellent compilation here. One issue I'm having is that my chat settings tabs are gone and I see no way to make any changes to the windows or get those tabs back. I even go so far as to remove everything and copy a new WoW folder over and those tabs are still gone with out any mods/WTF settings. Any idea why they are gone or how...
File: Altoholic06-22-08
Multiple Accounts
Posted By: Saracor
One question I have with this is if it works against multiple accounts? I run a few and that is really where I'd like to see my alts. I know that may be impossible with the way the saved variables are but it would be nice.