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File: HealBot Continued01-25-11
Couple of ?
Posted By: Belszy
I recently returned from a year absence and noticed some changes to healbot and was looking for help to remedy the problems. Resto Shamans - I used to be able to right click on a person who had earth shield attached to them and still able to use right click to cast rip tide ( i have set up the spells correctly ) but now i have to...
File: nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions08-10-09
Posted By: Belszy
I want to say thank you so much this is so nice and easy to use. I love it and saves me a little room with icons. I greatly appreciate it. V/r Belszy
File: nUI_Shaman08-08-09
Posted By: Belszy
You dont get version one in the download anymore. Do you only need to download the older one?
File: Postal08-06-09
Alts Function
Posted By: Belszy
Everything on postal seems to work great after the patch with exception of the alts function for mailing. It does not record them. It records guild and friends but alt stays greyed out as if i had none. I can type them in and send to them fine. Thank you for a great add on. I have used it tremendously over my gametime and thank y...
File: nUI_Hunter08-02-09
Posted By: Belszy
I like it and love how you moved all the bars around and made it all fit. One thing is its Horde lol. How would you change it up to be a Dwarf for alliance? If you can teach I am willing to learn. Belszy
File: nUI10-23-08
Very Much Looking for this
Posted By: Belszy
I am still lost without your interface so very much looking forward to this weekend to get a chance to install it and play it :) Hope everything is going well and will get a chance to play it this weekend. V/r Bels
File: nUI10-16-08
Posted By: Belszy
Any word on possible update to NUI? Would love to play the game and for life of me, me and my wife can not play without NUI believe it or not lol. V/r Belszy
File: nUI08-15-08
Well i have had problems with all t...
Posted By: Belszy
Well i have had problems with all the threat add ons not working for some reason so i never have bothererd with that aspect. I mean i have had omen installed and klh installed and tried to swap between map/raid/party/and supposed to be threat meter but that has never showed up for me. But the options you describe below for mini map s...
File: nUI08-14-08
Re: First look at proposed 10 player raid panel...
Posted By: Belszy
Originally posted by spiel2001 Check out the screencaps at http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showpost.php?p=98902&postcount=449 and give me some feedback please. I must say i been using NUI since you released it and i enjoy the new screenshots. I see you changed up a lot of the real estate and i will surely use it. Thanks fo...