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File: GatherSage201-22-10
Re: Armory & Auctionator tooltip conflict?
Posted By: Vixen Wilds
Originally posted by Jaim Sandar Since WoW 3.3 this problem happens only when Gathersage2 is loaded. Armory and Auctionator embedded tooltip information sometimes "walks" to the right until it is off or nearly off of the tooltip frame. I can actually see the text scroll to the right until it is completely gone or only partly vis...
File: Vendorizer12-10-09
Auto Repair
Posted By: Vixen Wilds
when the auto repair feature is on. is there an option to select what funds to use if you are in a guild? is there a way to tell the auto repair to not use the guild funds when it repairs your gear? if not is there a way for you to maybe add that feature in an upcoming release?
File: Recipe Radar01-08-09
Extra vendor listed
Posted By: Vixen Wilds
Hi, first off love this addon, saves me a lot time. Thanks for the time you put into this. Just wanted to mentioned that when i was in Dalaran looking up the vendors to get new recipes. I saw that you had Arille Azuregaze listed as selling cooking recipes. I went to buy one from that vendor but found out the npc doesn't sell any reci...
File: Advance Broadcaster12-09-08
Posted By: Vixen Wilds
It seems that this addon is now only getting updated at www.wowace.com under the name AB. ;)
File: GatherSage212-05-08
Out of date
Posted By: Vixen Wilds
Just tried your version and nothing showed up. Logged out real fast to character screen and went to the addon menu and saw that it comes up as out of date. So I closed WOW and checked the TOC file and seen that the interface was 30003. I changed that to 30000 instead and logged back in and it works now. Thought I would just mention t...
File: CoolSuite10-07-08
Posted By: Vixen Wilds
I was just wondering if you could update the interface version tho. I changed it manually myself but I would really like to recommend this addon to my guild. I try to only tell them about ones that are easy for them to install and use. I know that the option to load out of date addons can be selected but I try to stay away from using...
File: Altoholic09-22-08
Posted By: Vixen Wilds
Was there a new version posted? just wondering because it says it was but the version number and date posted is still the same. thought i would ask. Also not sure if this has been asked yet or not. Wanted to know if the riding skill for Apprentice been updated to level 30 with a cost of 35 gold for training. I noticed that is stil...
File: QuestHelper09-22-08
Posted By: Vixen Wilds
I went to down load the new version just a few minutes ago. When i clicked on the download button and the pop up window for save the file comes up. It still shows that it is the alternate version and not 0.49. Not sure if the new version hasn't posted here yet or not. I was able to get it from curse tho.
File: Altoholic06-24-08
have a suggestion
Posted By: Vixen Wilds
first off i want to say how much i have been enjoying this add on. i wanted to make a suggestion if you haven't thought of it or no one else has mentioned it yet. I'm sure that i am just a part of the few that doesn't like all the mini map buttons. I like being able to add a key to my addons that have it. So i was wondering if yo...